May 13, 2011

Sew Baby Sew!

Alternate post titles:

The Sewing Project 
The DIY Chevron Rug Project 
The Most Expensive DIY Project Ever

This rug was just the excuse my crafty little friends needed to talk me into getting a sewing machine. After many "you can do it!" posts on facebook and a strong recommendation from Pickel, I bought this bad boy from Costco for $150 and set up shop on my yet to be refinished vanity. The Craigslist wingback came in handy as a chair, well, more of a throne really. Total overkill. 
Last weekend I took a beginning sewing class with my friend Chelsea at this perfect new fabric shop near my house. It was fun but sewing is a little stressful. There are so many things to learn and remember. I think I'm going to paste a sign on my machine that says DON'T FORGET TO BACKSTITCH!!! We made super cute little tote bags, impractical, but cute. The machines in class were 99% like the one I bought so I knew exactly how to set it up which was a major bonus. I came armed with green juice and a notepad. And Marc Jacobs. duh 

class at Fabric Bliss in Denver
we started with the handles
top stitch, I loved this part
then there was a bunch of cutting and pinning and sewing of which I did not take photos
until the gussets, because I figured I wouldn't remember how to do this part
looking back at the photos I still can't quite remember
double pins to mark the hole so I didn't sew the bag shut
I'm still not fully sure how the heck things were all inside out and something about right sides and wrong sides and then straps were stuffed in and sewed and then everything was pulled right side out through a little hole and then VOILA! I had a bag. I can't for the life of me figure out how that happened. Every part about it was counter intuitive. How did that happen? It's like a frickin magic trick. And I still haven't figured out how it works.

Chelsea's bag was so cute, I should have taken a pic of the inside
the outside was a home dec fabric by Ty Pennington
 3 hours and $250 later...I had a bag
Amy Butler on the outside
chevron rug, here I come...
Assuming you know how to sew you could whip up a 5'x8' chevron rug for about $50
My rug is going to cost just a weeee bit more

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