May 2, 2011

Post Travel Detox

Most of you know that I've been traveling for work most of the last 8 weeks (because I've been complaining about it non stop on facebook, sorry). I've been going coast to coast between rural Virginia and San Francisco with a last minute trip to Hawaii thrown in for good measure and it has done a real number on my healthy habits.

Workouts have been few and far between and eating has not been great. I'm not getting enough sleep and I've been working until all hours of the night. It has gotten me way off my routine. When I do get a good workout in I'm super sore for 3 days afterwards. I haven't done yoga in well over two months and I'm pretty sure as a result my Achilles tendons might just snap and roll up in the back of my calf muscles. The good news is I walk a lot at work, throw 20lb cases of Pepsi around, duck under conveyors 50 times a day, etc. And I was pretty faithful on doing 20 push-ups every day (military style, not girl push-ups) but I've slacked off on that lately.

I've been preaching for years that you can eat well no matter what if you make the commitment, and if you think you can't you are just making up excuses. You can always make good choices if you want to. That was until I spent 4 weeks in a small town in Virginia. I won't make excuses but it certainly wasn't easy and I didn't make good choices. The choices here are limited and it shows, the obesity epidemic in these parts is startling. To top it off I've been working 15+ hours a day every day...ok, I'm starting to make some excuses, you get the picture. Just saw a blog post today with a few tips on staying healthy when you are busy busy busy.

I've posted  on this topic a lot so I won't bore you with the details. Did you read CrazySexyDiet yet? I think this woman (and others like her) are totally onto something. Food is your medicine. It's your pharmacy. I've been reading a lot about how a healthy vegetarian/vegan lifestyle can reverse heart disease and type 2 diabetes and stop some cancer progressions. With all this talk of health care, I've never understood why we are spending all this time and money on treating disease yet so little effort on PREVENTION!!! Most doctors won't give people the cold hard truth because they think if their advice is too hard to follow or too different from the norm then people won't listen. Does that sound okay to you? Just like at work, a good preventative maintenance plan is key. So for the next two weeks I will eat real food, mostly raw, vegan, no processed foods, no coffee or booze, logs of green juice, etc. I'll finally have time to myself and time to workout. I need to get all this Bob Evans and Applebee's out of my system ASAP.

Want to join me?

And yes, I know I write about being vegan and juicing as well as eating croissants and braised beef...I'm as conflicted as the next person, trying to find a balance and make good choices more times than not.

RECIPES (I've posted these before):

GREEN LEMONADE (The Raw Food Detox Diet) - love it!

1 head romaine or celery (I never use celery, red/green leaf lettuce good too)
5-6 stalks of kale
(any greens in place of kale - chard, collards, spinach, cucumber, etc as long as some dark leafy greens, mix it up, don't do the same greens day after day for too long)
1-2 apples
1 lemon (peel it)
1" fresh ginger (optional)
Juice everything together


5 servings
5 romaine leaves
5T raw almond butter
5t raw honey
Put 1T almond butter and 1t honey on each piece of romaine. Wrap up and enjoy!

CUCUMBER, BASIL and LIME JUICE (GOOP) - this is my favorite!
SERVES: 1 (I double it)
Starting with the basil, juice everything into a glass, give it a stir and enjoy.

1/2 cup fresh basil
1 English cucumber (I use regular cukes, organic)
1/2 lime, zest and pith removed
1 apple

*apples, cukes, etc should be organic or you may want to peel them

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  1. I'm with you!! I might not give up ALL the things you mentioned, but most of them. I went to a restaurant last night and their chef was making the commitment to cook with less gluten, to eventually be gluten free, and I thought it was bold and amazing, just like you!

  2. Yeah! I almost called you for lunch today, I worked out with Heather and then just kind of drove around Denver for a little while. It's nice to look around.



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