April 27, 2011

The Sweet Life in Paris

I just finished The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz. I found his website awhile back and tried a few of his recipes - yum! I bought the book and it sat on my shelf for way too long. After we booked our flights to Paris I started bringing it on the plane and it is a quick read. I loved the book, in short it is one expat's take on the quirks of Paris and Parisians. And he happens to be a world class pastry chef from Chez Panisse. Great insider's scoop to have before our trip in the fall. I got very similar insight during my one day in Paris with Shaboom last year. Hmmmm, maybe she should write a book instead of a blog! I would totally read that. (edit: I, however, should not write a book if I don't know right/write from wrong, thanks C)
What I Learned
make eye contact and greet everyone - Bonjour, monsieur. Bonjour, madame.
Ne touchez pas! Keep your hands to yourself in stores, markets, etc. No touching the goods!
Order the cream for your coffee when you place your order, not after - Café crème
Want water? Order a carafe d’eau
It's considered rude to ask someone you just met what they do for a living
Parisians hate to wait in line (who doesn't?) and make sport out of cutting

reading this next, looks cute...I mean, chic. Tres chic.

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  1. the book sounds like fun! I love that they find it rude to ask what someone does when first meeting! I've always felt that too so I guess I have a little something in commong with the French, woo hoo!!!



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