April 10, 2011

Maya Angelou

I get a lot of grief for loving me some Oprah. Regardless if you like her or not, if you get the chance, watch the episode of Master Class with Maya Angelou on OWN. Basically it is Maya's telling of her story and as a result, her life's lessons. I swear every word out of that woman's mouth sounds like poetry. Her words, and the thoughts behind them, and how she delivers them - they make you want to rise to the occasion. Her life - it has been so extraordinary. I couldn't stop watching. I've known her as a poet and a writer but she was also a dancer, a singer, an actress, a civil rights leader, a mother, a teacher...and when she was raped as a young child and her rapist was beaten to death for his crime she stopped speaking for 6 years. Because she thought her words could kill. A 7 year old thought HER words killed a man because she said his name.

I wrote down something she said during Master Class, she wasn't even reading a poem, she was just speaking of how her mother liberated her as a young woman, setting her free into the world. And how in turn, Maya liberated her mother on her deathbed, giving her permission to die...

You see, love liberates
It doesn't bind
Love says I love you
I love you if you're in China
I love you if your across town
I love you if you're in Harlem
I love you.
I would like to be near you
I'd like to have your arms around me
I'd like to hear your voice in my ear
But that's not possible now
So I love you

She was quite a looker too
(if you zoom in that dress has a chevron print, some things never go out of style)
image borrowed from here

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