April 19, 2011

Grow Dammit Grow, *sigh of relief*

ahhhhh, finally....

I finally got to spend a couple of hours in the garden on Sunday. Excuse the bad pics, I snapped them before I rushed off to the airport this morning. 30 minutes late leaving the house yet I somehow had time to vacuum, make green juice, run the dishwasher, and take garden pics which is probably why I was 30 minutes late in the first place.

I was feeling very stressed because I was "behind" on getting the garden started this year. I don't know if I'm all that late but last year I started my tomato seeds a full month earlier than I did this year so I felt very very very late! But now that the first round of seeds are planted I can relax...a similar phenomenon to my weekly trip to the airport. No matter how panicked I may be about leaving the house later than planned (zip the lip Pickel*), the second my truck is driving down the road I relax because there is nothing else that can be done, I'll get there when I get there...and now my plants will grow when they grow.

Like last year, most of my seeds came from Hudson Valley Seed Library. This year I started 7 varieties of heirloom tomatoes which are warmly germinating on our heated back porch (assuming Bernie remembers to keep the door closed while I'm gone). Yellow and red pear (my favorites), rose, green zebra, and a couple of paste/roma varieties. I'll probably end up buying a plant or two from the garden center which will bother Bernie to no end because for some reason having extra tomatoes in the yard is cause for concern in his book. More for me to give to friends right!?!

I started spinach, kale and lettuce in the new garden
the garlic planted last fall is sprouting!
Funny story on the garlic...I ordered heirloom garlic - 1 hardneck (german extra hardy) and 1 softneck (inchellium red) variety - you get two bulbs of each and they don't come cheap. I thought man, that's a lot for two bulbs! I didn't realize until it came time to plant that you plant individual cloves (vs. the whole head). duh. So I planted 10 cloves of each variety to get me started and gave the rest away. I can't wait for the hardneck scapes, those were a farmer's market favorite last season and now we'll have our own. 

my chives and tarragon came back from last year
I planted a couple of basil seedlings, they were getting buggy in the house
I cleaned up last year's garden and turned the dirt
All those dead spots in the grass are from our two squash plants that took over the yard last year. That green patch on the right is parsnips. That will be my first and last planting of parsnips. You have to plant them in the spring but you can't eat them until the following year. I don't have the patience for that kind of waiting. Then it turns out you are supposed to pull them before their foliage grows...I obviously forgot that rule. I practically broke the shovel trying to dig them up, they grew into huge massive clumps. Seriously, we're going to need to rent a back hoe.

I reached in to pull out a bunch and ZAP! I was stabbed! Okay, stabbed is a bit dramatic but I was stung by a bee and I did scream aloud followed by an even louder sonofabitch!!! I don't think I've been stung by a bee in over 20 years and I never remember it hurting this bad before. I was a little worried because my mom and grandma became growingly (and seriously) allergic as they got older. Bernie gave me some benadryl and caked some baking soda on the wound...ok, there was no wound but it did swell.
24 hours later....swollen and itchy

*Pickel, I had all the time in the world - enough to use the bathroom, buy a water, and walk right onto the plane :)

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