April 8, 2011

Everyone needs a little chevron

I've REALLY wanted a chevron rug for awhile now. I thought it might work perfectly in Bernie's Room.

This medium-high dollar beauty (in cotton, wool=$$$) from Madeline Weinrib
or this high-dollar lovely from Jonathan Adler which would need to be made custom
there are some great options at West Elm but the colors don't work for our room
Since I didn't have any good (or affordable) options I figured I would have to make my own. I've seen some DIY projects where people paint a regular rug and figured I would just do that. Pretty right? When I tried to find the instructions online I found this DIY project instead. I thought it was more my style because my engineer's brain wouldn't go up in a poof of smoke if my painted zig zags didn't come out perfect. BUT, and this is a big BUT, this project involves sewing which is a BIG problem since I don't sew. I figured I could use some sort of magic tape/glue/staples but then a certain two evil craft twins (one & two) tried to talk me into sewing...I have to think on this a bit. Me and my "rug" could zip on over (on an airplane) to one of their houses with a sad look on my face and the whole process would be easier (for me) and wayyyyy cheaper. Less blood, sweat, tears, and swearing would be involved. It would be like my own pregnant lady sweat shop. I would only tease them a little as I drank wine while they sewed.
I bought Ash/White fabric - I hope this ash gray doesn't read blue
...cross your fingers and stay tuned

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