April 23, 2011

Deal of the Century!

Ever have one of those days where you find something you weren't looking for and you didn't even know you wanted because it is the exact opposite of what you thought you wanted and it's in the sale room at anthro for 45% off? And it is too quirky for you but that's why you kind of like it and then the nice sales girl says if you don't like it just bring it back and you point out a very minor issue because you are that person and get another 15% knocked off and then you get home and notice they rang it up for $50 less than the sales price so you got this item for 60% off and when you get it home it turns out to be the most perfect purchase you've ever made? No? That doesn't happen to you? Well me neither, until today when I bought this:
Pliant Laurel rug from anthropologie
The photo online doesn't do it justice. As a matter of fact I didn't even recognize it when I searched online for a picture. I have to give all the credit for this purchase to Bernie's cousin Nipper's wife Marija, even though she didn't know it at the time. It wasn't too long ago I didn't even know what those pretty folded textiles at anthro were until I saw her deal of the century a few months ago. My first thought was, those things are rugs? Second thought was, how does something so crazy pants look so good? Third thought was, how in the hell did she find that in the sale room? If you ever troll the anthro sale "room" you know it's only a bit of a hallway about 2'x5' and there is never a rug to be found.

Today I went to the mall for lunch because I could eat the bistro club sandwich at the Nordstrom Cafe every day of my life even if it means a trip to the mall. After lunch I decided to buzz through anthro real quick looking for nothing in particular. When I got to the sale area and saw what looked to be a giant bundled rug on the floor I almost jumped on it like a fumbled football at the super bowl. Didn't these girls know what the hell they were walking by to look at the duvets? And since they didn't know, could they please get the eff out of my way? I didn't even know if I liked it but I knew it was a rug and I had to stake claim. I was snapping cell pics and sending them off for confirmation that this was just the right amount of crazypants for our parlor. I couldn't work in that little closet so I drug it out to the main floor. I'm twice Marija's size and that rug was a haul, I'm not really sure how she did it pregnant and carrying latte bowls, totally hard core.
FINALLY! We have a direction for our parlor. I was starting to think it cursed. It isn't the direction I thought it was headed but it works for me. It looks great with the couch which has been difficult at best to coordinate with. And I wasn't thinking of the stained glass when I bought the rug but was pleasantly surprised to see they had a lot of the same colors.
What about our cute new vintage chairs you ask? The ones that replaced the wing backs? Well, Bernie can't stand them. Too low. They are low, but I'm still liking them so a veto may be in order along with some very simple upholstery.
as usual, stay tuned...

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