April 12, 2011

Chair Drama

Honestly, should anyone have chair drama? It started over a year ago we had been in our new house for a few months and didn't have any proper furniture. So the search began...I looked high and low for store bought chairs then settled on finding something "vintage."

(disclaimer, I hope the designer we've been working with never reads this post as she may very well punch me in my chair buying mind changing face)

We went and bought these bad boys off Craigs. I loved the tufting. The guy we bought them from was floored when I mentioned I was going to reupholster them. He looked at Bernie and gave him the your wife's crazy, my chairs are beautiful look. They are comfortable and make men want to sit in them. But they are big. Then we bought a pretty little couch and the wing backs began to look not just big, but huge. Or the couch small. Either way...I started to feel like I was sitting on a high perch in comparison. And since they each require 10 yards of fabric, it became a pretty pricey proposition for something that didn't quite work. Say that ten times fast.
And then the chairs kicked me when I was down. I always loved this Osborne & Little du Barry fabric since my first trip to the design center but it costs more than a pretty penny so 20 yards would require a second mortgage. Imagine my surprise when just tonight I saw a similar pair of chairs online done in the same fabric (different color way) and you know what? I HATED THEM. With an all-fabric chair like this it looks so busy to me, I mean seriously busy. I didn't think it possible to have waaaayyy too much trellis. (I can hear a disappointing sigh coming my way from across town). On a positive note, this fabric (in pink maybe) will still be fabulous on the headboard I'm going to make for my dressing room (spare bedroom #1).
image borrowed from here

Then Sunday I found these Drexel lovelies, by chance, when I stopped into mod livin'. I wasn't looking for new chairs. But I thought they had a certain amount of funk with a smidge of unique. Or is it a little bit of weird with a pinch of dirty? The fabric is original and not at all nice but they were cheap and need a lot less fabric. I hemmed and hawed and solicited feedback on the Facebook. They were low to the ground, but I didn't think too low. I may have been wrong.
I started to think how special they could look with the right fabric.
(photos borrowed from the internets, sorry no links, don't sue me for borrowing)
So as I was sitting at work today I thought, Slaughter the Goat. So I did.
To be continued...

more incredible chairs for your viewing pleasure
I would kill for that first one 
and if our trim was already painted 
I would paint it black and copy the hell out of this room
...stay tuned to see the fate of the wing backs 
and whether or not the newbies stay or go
and if I get punched in the face


  1. Love, love, love the new chairs! No face punching required

  2. Whew! They are very low however, so I'm going to need your advice. Back to the fabric store I go...



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