April 29, 2011

Denver Craigslist

I've bought a lot of pieces off Craigslist since we moved downtown
some have fit right in
others are waiting for some love
I told you about him - to paint or not to paint
This lady and gent are waiting for some TLC
it appears i have a thing for slender curvy legs
maybe I am projecting my own desires for slender curvy legs
These are still in the "maybe" pile, Bernie has not come around
a second opinion is in order
And let's not forget the dude with the lovely feet waiting for fabric
I'm still in search of a few more pieces
a secretary
maybe some mid century modern chairs
bedside tables

anything interesting on your local Craigslist?

April 27, 2011

The Sweet Life in Paris

I just finished The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz. I found his website awhile back and tried a few of his recipes - yum! I bought the book and it sat on my shelf for way too long. After we booked our flights to Paris I started bringing it on the plane and it is a quick read. I loved the book, in short it is one expat's take on the quirks of Paris and Parisians. And he happens to be a world class pastry chef from Chez Panisse. Great insider's scoop to have before our trip in the fall. I got very similar insight during my one day in Paris with Shaboom last year. Hmmmm, maybe she should write a book instead of a blog! I would totally read that. (edit: I, however, should not write a book if I don't know right/write from wrong, thanks C)
What I Learned
make eye contact and greet everyone - Bonjour, monsieur. Bonjour, madame.
Ne touchez pas! Keep your hands to yourself in stores, markets, etc. No touching the goods!
Order the cream for your coffee when you place your order, not after - Café crème
Want water? Order a carafe d’eau
It's considered rude to ask someone you just met what they do for a living
Parisians hate to wait in line (who doesn't?) and make sport out of cutting

reading this next, looks cute...I mean, chic. Tres chic.

April 26, 2011

A Tour of Denver

I liked sharing my pictures from beautiful cities around the world like Paris, Brussels, and San Francisco and thought why not share images from around my own home. Here are a few from last Sunday when Bernie and I walked home from Brunch at Olivéa.I only wish I had taken a pictures of my poached eggs which were to die for. We started on 17th and then weaved over to 16th when I spotted the church below and then back to 17th before we got to East High School a few blocks from our house. Enjoy!

an apartment building on 17th
a church
East High School
a City Park statue
old City Park entrance

April 25, 2011

Vintage Dresser

vintage sounds way better than old
or used
I bought him on Craig's awhile back
he's going in Bernie's room
 he has a secret
his insides stink
when I bought him I didn't think to take a whiff inside
lesson learned
something must be done if clothes are ever going inside
but I like his color
so do I spiff up his natural beauty and paint the drawer insides?
do I paint him inside and out?

or....how about this two-tone loveliness?

Tobi Fairley

I'm leaning towards two-tone
white drawers with natural frame
natural drawers with white frame
he may or may not keep his hardware
those mother of pearl beauties are from anthro
love them

some photos borrowed from the internets

April 24, 2011

Grow Dammit Grow

Last Sunday I planted 7 varieties of tomato seeds
when I got home on Thursday there were two sprouts
Friday morning however...
everyone joined the party
aint mother nature effin awesome?

April 23, 2011

Deal of the Century!

Ever have one of those days where you find something you weren't looking for and you didn't even know you wanted because it is the exact opposite of what you thought you wanted and it's in the sale room at anthro for 45% off? And it is too quirky for you but that's why you kind of like it and then the nice sales girl says if you don't like it just bring it back and you point out a very minor issue because you are that person and get another 15% knocked off and then you get home and notice they rang it up for $50 less than the sales price so you got this item for 60% off and when you get it home it turns out to be the most perfect purchase you've ever made? No? That doesn't happen to you? Well me neither, until today when I bought this:
Pliant Laurel rug from anthropologie
The photo online doesn't do it justice. As a matter of fact I didn't even recognize it when I searched online for a picture. I have to give all the credit for this purchase to Bernie's cousin Nipper's wife Marija, even though she didn't know it at the time. It wasn't too long ago I didn't even know what those pretty folded textiles at anthro were until I saw her deal of the century a few months ago. My first thought was, those things are rugs? Second thought was, how does something so crazy pants look so good? Third thought was, how in the hell did she find that in the sale room? If you ever troll the anthro sale "room" you know it's only a bit of a hallway about 2'x5' and there is never a rug to be found.

Today I went to the mall for lunch because I could eat the bistro club sandwich at the Nordstrom Cafe every day of my life even if it means a trip to the mall. After lunch I decided to buzz through anthro real quick looking for nothing in particular. When I got to the sale area and saw what looked to be a giant bundled rug on the floor I almost jumped on it like a fumbled football at the super bowl. Didn't these girls know what the hell they were walking by to look at the duvets? And since they didn't know, could they please get the eff out of my way? I didn't even know if I liked it but I knew it was a rug and I had to stake claim. I was snapping cell pics and sending them off for confirmation that this was just the right amount of crazypants for our parlor. I couldn't work in that little closet so I drug it out to the main floor. I'm twice Marija's size and that rug was a haul, I'm not really sure how she did it pregnant and carrying latte bowls, totally hard core.
FINALLY! We have a direction for our parlor. I was starting to think it cursed. It isn't the direction I thought it was headed but it works for me. It looks great with the couch which has been difficult at best to coordinate with. And I wasn't thinking of the stained glass when I bought the rug but was pleasantly surprised to see they had a lot of the same colors.
What about our cute new vintage chairs you ask? The ones that replaced the wing backs? Well, Bernie can't stand them. Too low. They are low, but I'm still liking them so a veto may be in order along with some very simple upholstery.
as usual, stay tuned...

April 19, 2011

Grow Dammit Grow, *sigh of relief*

ahhhhh, finally....

I finally got to spend a couple of hours in the garden on Sunday. Excuse the bad pics, I snapped them before I rushed off to the airport this morning. 30 minutes late leaving the house yet I somehow had time to vacuum, make green juice, run the dishwasher, and take garden pics which is probably why I was 30 minutes late in the first place.

I was feeling very stressed because I was "behind" on getting the garden started this year. I don't know if I'm all that late but last year I started my tomato seeds a full month earlier than I did this year so I felt very very very late! But now that the first round of seeds are planted I can relax...a similar phenomenon to my weekly trip to the airport. No matter how panicked I may be about leaving the house later than planned (zip the lip Pickel*), the second my truck is driving down the road I relax because there is nothing else that can be done, I'll get there when I get there...and now my plants will grow when they grow.

Like last year, most of my seeds came from Hudson Valley Seed Library. This year I started 7 varieties of heirloom tomatoes which are warmly germinating on our heated back porch (assuming Bernie remembers to keep the door closed while I'm gone). Yellow and red pear (my favorites), rose, green zebra, and a couple of paste/roma varieties. I'll probably end up buying a plant or two from the garden center which will bother Bernie to no end because for some reason having extra tomatoes in the yard is cause for concern in his book. More for me to give to friends right!?!

I started spinach, kale and lettuce in the new garden
the garlic planted last fall is sprouting!
Funny story on the garlic...I ordered heirloom garlic - 1 hardneck (german extra hardy) and 1 softneck (inchellium red) variety - you get two bulbs of each and they don't come cheap. I thought man, that's a lot for two bulbs! I didn't realize until it came time to plant that you plant individual cloves (vs. the whole head). duh. So I planted 10 cloves of each variety to get me started and gave the rest away. I can't wait for the hardneck scapes, those were a farmer's market favorite last season and now we'll have our own. 

my chives and tarragon came back from last year
I planted a couple of basil seedlings, they were getting buggy in the house
I cleaned up last year's garden and turned the dirt
All those dead spots in the grass are from our two squash plants that took over the yard last year. That green patch on the right is parsnips. That will be my first and last planting of parsnips. You have to plant them in the spring but you can't eat them until the following year. I don't have the patience for that kind of waiting. Then it turns out you are supposed to pull them before their foliage grows...I obviously forgot that rule. I practically broke the shovel trying to dig them up, they grew into huge massive clumps. Seriously, we're going to need to rent a back hoe.

I reached in to pull out a bunch and ZAP! I was stabbed! Okay, stabbed is a bit dramatic but I was stung by a bee and I did scream aloud followed by an even louder sonofabitch!!! I don't think I've been stung by a bee in over 20 years and I never remember it hurting this bad before. I was a little worried because my mom and grandma became growingly (and seriously) allergic as they got older. Bernie gave me some benadryl and caked some baking soda on the wound...ok, there was no wound but it did swell.
24 hours later....swollen and itchy

*Pickel, I had all the time in the world - enough to use the bathroom, buy a water, and walk right onto the plane :)

April 17, 2011

Guess Where We're Going?

Paris here we come - flights are booked for the fall - yippee!!!

April 12, 2011

Chair Drama

Honestly, should anyone have chair drama? It started over a year ago we had been in our new house for a few months and didn't have any proper furniture. So the search began...I looked high and low for store bought chairs then settled on finding something "vintage."

(disclaimer, I hope the designer we've been working with never reads this post as she may very well punch me in my chair buying mind changing face)

We went and bought these bad boys off Craigs. I loved the tufting. The guy we bought them from was floored when I mentioned I was going to reupholster them. He looked at Bernie and gave him the your wife's crazy, my chairs are beautiful look. They are comfortable and make men want to sit in them. But they are big. Then we bought a pretty little couch and the wing backs began to look not just big, but huge. Or the couch small. Either way...I started to feel like I was sitting on a high perch in comparison. And since they each require 10 yards of fabric, it became a pretty pricey proposition for something that didn't quite work. Say that ten times fast.
And then the chairs kicked me when I was down. I always loved this Osborne & Little du Barry fabric since my first trip to the design center but it costs more than a pretty penny so 20 yards would require a second mortgage. Imagine my surprise when just tonight I saw a similar pair of chairs online done in the same fabric (different color way) and you know what? I HATED THEM. With an all-fabric chair like this it looks so busy to me, I mean seriously busy. I didn't think it possible to have waaaayyy too much trellis. (I can hear a disappointing sigh coming my way from across town). On a positive note, this fabric (in pink maybe) will still be fabulous on the headboard I'm going to make for my dressing room (spare bedroom #1).
image borrowed from here

Then Sunday I found these Drexel lovelies, by chance, when I stopped into mod livin'. I wasn't looking for new chairs. But I thought they had a certain amount of funk with a smidge of unique. Or is it a little bit of weird with a pinch of dirty? The fabric is original and not at all nice but they were cheap and need a lot less fabric. I hemmed and hawed and solicited feedback on the Facebook. They were low to the ground, but I didn't think too low. I may have been wrong.
I started to think how special they could look with the right fabric.
(photos borrowed from the internets, sorry no links, don't sue me for borrowing)
So as I was sitting at work today I thought, Slaughter the Goat. So I did.
To be continued...

more incredible chairs for your viewing pleasure
I would kill for that first one 
and if our trim was already painted 
I would paint it black and copy the hell out of this room
...stay tuned to see the fate of the wing backs 
and whether or not the newbies stay or go
and if I get punched in the face


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