March 7, 2011

Painted Hardware Made New

I don't remember who first sent me a link to this blog but I do remember spending a weekend reading every single post. An old house like ours, a design aesthetic like mine, and the lady knew how to get paint off hardware. Swoon. To quote one of Brooklyn Limestone's weekly features, go ahead and "Steal this idea." But I'm really borrowing so proper credit goes to Brooklyn Limestone for helping to restore our Denver Square. 

here is what I started with - hardware from Bernie's room with decades of paint
get a junk pot, throw in some baking soda and set to simmer for 30+ minutes
the water turns brown and funky
set out a bunch of paper towels, get an old toothbrush, tongs and a Leatherman for cleaning out the little cracks and crevices
pull out one piece at a time and clean it off, the paint just falls off
 when I first saw the door plates I thought, uhhh-ohhhh, they are so tarnished I've ruined them
I mentioned it to Bernie one morning and 10 minutes later he came back with this
 just a little metal polish and everything is good as new and ready to take on another 100 years of patina
I just love the egg & dart that are on all our door plates
Thanks Brooklyn Limestone!!!


  1. nice work!! good thing you were able to restore all that old is positively gorgeous!!!



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