March 26, 2011

My Garmin Made Me Do It

I got a few hours one Sunday during my two weeks in Virginia to check out the small town I was staying (unfortunately I thought I would stop in at work for 2 hours but ended up working until Midnight). Wytheville, VA has probably seen some better days...but it did have a glimmer of some old greatness despite being in the middle of nowhere.

I saw some good...the historical district
I saw some down houses and the jail
Then I took a wrong turn...

Officer, my Garmin told me to! Is that an acceptable defense? I've heard urban legends about people driving off the road and into a lake because their GPS told them too. I laughed and thought, what dumb sheep. But I can definitely see making a bad decision when Garmin is shouting at you to "TURN LEFT!!!" He got stuck in some vicious rapid fire loop the other day repeating over and over "MAKE A U TURN!!!!" until I finally had to shut it off. I say "He" because I actually had to switch my Garmin's voice to a man because the woman was just such an effin nag!

Anyway, back to my story...I'm in middle-of-nowhere doing a little sight seeing when I get on a road to nowhere and no place to turn around. No problem, Garmin tells me to turn right and I'm going to loop around and get right back on the road in the other direction in two shakes of a lambs tail. All seems to be okay. Then the road gets smaller...

and smaller...
this is when I should have told Garmin he was off his rocker
then gravel two track with a gate
baaaahhhhhhhh I have become the sheep
blindly following Garmin
then I come up on a run down farm...oh shit
these folks don't take kindly to trespassers
I high tailed it out of there and a nosey neighbor was openly watching me the entire time, back down the mountain around the bend to the main road and back to town. I'm pretty sure they had the fuzz keeping a watch out for the red Impala that was not only creeping around town taking pictures of houses (see above) but then she tried to break into old Jimmy's farm. What if she had knocked over that board that was holding up his old barn? They'll be talking about me all week. In my defense...the Garmin told me to do it. baaahhhhhhhh


  1. Wow, you're lucky you didn't run up on a moonshine still. That could have been trouble. ;-0

  2. I'm lucky they didn't get out the shot gun!



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