March 5, 2011

Left or Right? Parlor Fabrics

I just can't decide...

Our lovely and patient designer Jamie Foley has been bringing me fabrics for about a year now and we finally picked a chair fabric. A lovely ikat to put on these Craigslist bad boys which will be flanking the fireplace.
 our couch is a shiny silvery color which reads fairly dark
the wall color is a gray/blue but may change
 So, here is my quandary...
for accessories like pillows and curtains and an ottoman should I go with
...a monochromatic scheme of blues, grays, and cremes or...
 ...add in some greens and yellows?
we have this piece of stained glass on the large parlor window
 directly across from the parlor window is the china cabinet in the dining room
I painted the inside a citron color last year
I had my head wrapped around the greens and yellows but Jamie suggested the monochromatic look would be more timeless and she is right about that. I like both. For once I don't feel strongly either way. If Bernie didn't care I would choose the monochromatic look but he likes the green/yellow. 

What do you think???


  1. Couldn't you compromise by having the costly furnishings (curtains and ottoman) in the monochromatic colors, saving yellow and green for pillows? I see why you are attracted to the green and yellow, and agree that they add excitement, but for me they are perfect as accents, less interesting as an overall color scheme. Since the rug is yellowish, and the green already appears in window and cupboard, you don't need much more or either color. Speaking as an amateur...

  2. The green and yellow!!!!!!! With green and yellow accents!



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