March 4, 2011

Happy Anniversary Honey!!!

it doesn't seem like it's been 3 years already
it seems like much much much longer, but in a good way
because we've been together a long time
here is the short version

Bernie and I met in 1992 at Michigan Tech
I was young and innocent, he, not
if I wasn't so lazy I would dig up some pictures and scan them in
we dated on and off in college then Bernie graduated and moved to Denver
The End....

....well, not quite
we dated long distance for a couple of years after college
we bought our first house December 27, 2001
I quit my job and moved to Colorado 6 months later with 2 dogs in tow
we took the next step and got a dog baby
(Cooper is the large ham belly up)
a week later on March 13, 2004 we got engaged kind of by default - it's one of Bernie's favorite stories to tell, so I'll save that one for another day
we got married March 4, 2008 on a cruise with friends and family
we moved to downtown Denver in August 2009 and are living happily ever after...
Isn't that the way it's supposed to happen?
Happy Anniversary Honey!!!



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