March 2, 2011

Grow Dammit Grow 2011 - already?

While looking through all of my pictures last night I realized it was this time last year that my lovely sister-in-law helped me plan (and plant) my very first garden. I was just thinking, ahhhh, I have plenty of time to think up my plan for this year but no, I don't! It's March already! Where did February go?
Remember how cute and orderly it was in the beginning?
Many many garden posts later...pure chaos
I need to go through all of the seeds I stockpiled this winter from the awesome Hudson Valley Seed Library. I have plans to frame some of their art packs. Eventually. At the end of the year we expanded the garden on the other side of the yard so I have that space now too.
The general plan this year will be more juicing ingredients (greens, lettuce, spinach, chard, kale), less tomatoes, less novelty veggies that we never actually ate. Stay tuned, this is very exciting stuff. I swear.

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