March 28, 2011

Bernie's Room Update - Trim & Mouldings

Gray / grey. Mouldings / moldings. I don't know which is right or why. Honestly I don't really care. I like Gray and Mouldings. Well, I actually like mouldings spelled without the "u" but my friend Danielle emailed me and she spelled it with a "u" so I instantly conformed because that girl usually knows her shit. Even with Google at my fingertips I have no intention of looking up which is right.write.whatever.

I can't tell you how much time we have spent on this 8' x 12' room. Bernie scraped and sanded and removed the window frame and the doors. I didn't think it possible but he replaced the window cord and reattached the weights and now it works! Seriously! Our floor mouldings have 3 pieces - he pulled off the top and bottom pieces for stripping and cleaned up the baseboard in place. Lead paint = respirator.
with a heat gun the old paint came off like buttah
 seriously, I'm living with Bob effin Vila
 it was such a mess - I was against removing the mouldings but it turned out great
I can say our floors don't look this good after the project even though we covered them completely they are all kinds of scuffed which pisses me off. BUT! I came home from my latest trip and Bernie put some magic liquid on them and poof! all better
 Did I mention you can only paint before 1pm due to the light?
There were a million trim pieces - I tried to get in a quick coat on in the mornings
 I had to paint the new crown mouldings and corner blocks - not at all easy!!!
40 minutes per 8' section x 5 sections!
because of the brick house and plaster walls you have to drill pilot holes for everything
 we took the easy route and put up corner blocks to avoid the miter cuts
we glued the mouldings up with caulk then secured with nails
we used a 4" polyurethane moulding ~ $20 per 8' section
strange enough the first piece went up the best and it was all down hill from there
Bernie filled in the holes and gaps with paintable caulk
 I put 3-4 coats of BM's Chantilly Lace in high gloss on the trim
 Voila! Crisply painted trim and deep gray purple walls.
...stay tuned, the bed and headboard are on order, the light is installed, and the doors are back on


  1. #1 you have great style
    #2 you have a very handy husband
    #3 I would like to borrow the both of you for a "working" weekend sometime after this baby is born.
    #4 you are a perfectionist, and I think you'll be horrified by the messy squalor of my house

  2. 1. Thanks
    2. So true
    3. In a heartbeat, as long as said baby is big enough that I can hold him without breaking him
    4. I like to call it detail oriented, I will keep half my comments to myself



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