March 25, 2011

Bernie's Room Update - Paint

This ex-baby room had a shade of pink that wasn't bright, yet somehow it glowed pink onto every surface in the room. This is a small room with only one window that faces due East so most of the time it is very dark.
I didn't realize starting with the bedding as our jumping off point (I'm gagging at myself for even using that phrase, if you hear me mention pops of color just slap me hard) would prove such a difficult challenge. We looked at blues/greens/grays/gray-greens but none of them were just right.
Here are five of the samples we tried, there were more on other walls. The dark ones were sooooo dark. The gray-greens read reeeeaaaallly green or brown. It was hard to see anything with the pink glow.
I only liked the bottom two which looked a lot like the colors from our dining room (BM's Mount Saint Anne) and parlor (BM's Beach Glass). An all blue house is a tough one to pull off so back to the drawing board.
Luckily I read a blog post on purple rooms and to my surprise, I like purple! And holy crap so did Bernie! Let the sampling begin...again! (read here for the details). I did a quick coat of white to cut down on the pink glow followed by two coats of paint.
Martha Stewart's purple agate was the winner - it went on scary dark
Nothing to worry about, the color is awesome! 
 We color matched M's swatch and used Behr's Premium Plus Ultra paint in eggshell
Stay tuned...

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