March 20, 2011

Bernie's Room Update - Demo

If you need to catch up, see previous posts here. Demo on our second guest room, aka Bernie's dressing room, started about a year ago after I bought a piece of crown moulding and a duvet cover. We decided to remodel the Pink Room and Bernie jumped right on removing the old crown moulding and there the room sat - a big giant mess with paint samples on every wall for the better part of a year.
Motivation picked up again late last year with the possibility of some house guests and we started sanding, stripping, patching, sanding, removing trim, sanding. Well, Bernie started doing all of those things. (I was waiting for my part - paint). It was a crazy dusty mess that left a powder on the whole house. Plaster walls. Lead paint. Original window that didn't work. 10 coats of paint on the trim. Painted hardware. Typical stuff in a super old home. It took a crazy amount of work for such a small space.
Drop cloth down, Frog tape in place and ready for paint!
stay tuned...

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