March 31, 2011

3 Gray Hairs...

My life is over. My life as a young person anyway. While in Virginia for two weeks working my ass off in the middle of nowhere BFE I found 3 Gray Hairs in my right temple. What the What? How could this be? Is this what stress gets you? Instant gray? I'm like the President in his first term. One day I was young, the next day I wasn't. What's next - mother effin wrinkles? eeegads getting old sucks balls. 

Mark this day. My name is Keri. I'm 36.4 years old and I have gray hair. A little part of me died today.

I knew this would happen eventually, but honestly I wasn't sure when. My mom never had a gray hair in her entire life...probably because she frosted her hair since high school. Yeah, I said frosted. With a cap and some sort of crochet hook. I remember my dad doing the slow gray thing that ages men with "grace." Jerks. Bernie doesn't have a single gray at 40. He still gets carded. grrrrrrrr.

I started coloring my hair in college, sometimes light sometimes dark. On and off. Then I decided a couple of years ago to stop for awhile because soon there will come a day when I will have to color it all the time so I had better enjoy my die-job-free youth while I still could. Plus sitting in the chair for color is like torture.

When I was home before xmas my bff announced there was a gray hair sighting but she could provide NO confirmation. She bluntly told me she saw it but when I made her search me like the yearly elementary school lice check we used to get she couldn't produce the goods....she thinks she's got one up on me because she doesn't have any grays but like both of our beautician mothers she hasn't seen her own hair color in a decade or two.

I don't think A Perfect Gray had this gray in mind...I much prefer the gray of this French bathroom to anything that may or may NOT be growing on my head. One of my most favorite bathrooms. I would die for that towel cart.
House Beautiful

On the wrinkles. Yet. Fuck. I just know they are coming.

I dedicate this post to my young friend Claire with her real blond hair and her 20 something skin...I don't even need to say it because you know what awful things I'm thinking about your young self ;) I hate love you.


  1. Beautiful Bathroom! I wish I only had 3 grey hairs........


  2. I was just talking with my hair guru about this. She said it's totally true that stress causes gray hairs (along with genetics). She told me that she's had numerous clients with lots of gray that totally reverted when they changed jobs or lifestyles and eliminated stress. Crazy!

  3. Dorian, I totally agree that these were stress related.

    Karen, I would die for half of this bathroom!



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