February 19, 2011

What we're working on...

A little sneak peek on what Bernie and I have been "working on" for the last, ohhhh, 3+ months? And that doesn't include the demo we did or paint swatches that went up like a year ago after I found this bedding
We obviously haven't been in much of a hurry to get this project moving. It was only the threat of Jen and Zak coming out this winter that got us moving again (now you guys HAVE to come). None of the 5+ paint samples I put up were working with the bedding which was surprisingly difficult to coordinate with. Then I saw this room on our designer's blog and thought, hmmmm, I kinda like that. But I don't like purple? But I like that!
 Here is what we started with - the smallest of bedrooms. A very pink ex-nursery.
Demo is done. Moldings and the window have been repaired and painted. Hardware was stripped. Closet was replaced. So where is the rest of it you ask? I guess I have to stop procrastinating because it's time to paint!!! More to come...

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