February 28, 2011

Salt House

What better way to end a 21-day vegan cleanse than to have dinner in San Francisco. Bread and butter, kohlrabi soup, a couple of glasses of wine and a nice steak and beef short rib on top of a potato puree with brussels sprouts? The atmosphere was fun. The food was incredible. And the guest book they use as a check jacket was fun to read through. And I think the host felt bad that I was eating alone so he kept flashing a smile my way. And I got to sit next to four people on a business dinner drunk philosophizing about being a woman in a man's industry. So dumb. So priceless.
I would go back in a second.
If I didn't take pictures on my walk home I would have thought I was trippin. I didn't make it far before the mean streets of San Francisco scared me and I jumped in a cab.
Starbucks near Fisherman's Wharf in the morning, my first in over 3 weeks and it wasn't even that great
Did I mention the weather was awesome for once? 



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