February 3, 2011

Paris!!! part I

Sorry for the delay, it has taken awhile to sift through my pictures. You saw most of my whirlwind trip including Brussels, Kleve and Amsterdam already but I saved the best for last...Paris!!! Before I left Brussels I started my day with this bit of yumminess:
After breakfast I took a fast train to Paris where I was met by the lovely Shaboom of The French Skinny Experiment. I had 12 hours, and we made the best of it! I'm pretty sure I saw all of Paris. I'm forever grateful that a girl I never met previously would be such a gracious tour guide! The only picture of me in Paris courtesy of Shaboom:
It was taken as a taunt to Marija. Let me back up a minute and share a not so short story. Bernie's cousin Nipper's wife Marija is friends with Shaboom and Karen of French Skinny. Shaboom moved to Paris and lost 65lbs without trying and now Karen is living French Skinny in Burbank. I've been following their blog for awhile now and had emailed Shaboom a couple of times for vacation planning tips - I've wanted to go to Paris my entire life and it looks like we're finally going in September! But I digress. I told Shaboom I was going to Europe and she said you MUST come to Paris! So, I did!

She met me at the train and gave me the insiders walking tour. I think we covered every inch and teased Marija with pictures along the way. I believe she said she was, "Ladurée green with envy." Marija blogged about our adventures before I even got back to Brussels. And Shaboom's posted here pictures from the day on French Skinny here. Did I mention she speaks like 7 languages including perfect French? And I'm pretty sure there isn't a person alive that LOVES Paris more than she does. We talked and walked for hours, had a few meals and a few glasses of wine. She taught me how to use my camera which I had been too lazy to play with and it has only been, oh, over a year since I bought it. It was the perfect scouting trip and a great girls day. If Paris is this beautiful on a partially cloudy winter day...imagine what it is going to be like in the Fall! 

typical little old car
 gorgeous marble street
 beautiful Metro entrance
l'Hôtel de Ville in the IVe arrondissement
I could take pictures of Metro signs all day
I've been dreaming about visiting Notre Dame since high school French. Located on the Île de la Cité on the Seine, also in the 4th arrondissement
...that's enough for one post. Stay tuned for part 2!

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  1. It was so great meeting you! Can't wait for your return!!!



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