February 26, 2011


I read the CrazySexyDiet book by Kris Carr last year and bought it for a lot of my friends for xmas because I think it has some great information presented in a simple and fun way. And despite the title, it isn't a diet book in the usual sense of the word, it's not about weight loss. You don't have to juice or be a vegetarian to relate to Kris' message. I've been a fan of hers for years since watching her documentary CrazySexyCancer which I also highly recommend. Not sure if I've told this story before but when I watched that documentary I practically stood up and declared, "I want a juicer!!!" and then I did some 3-day cleanse with my friend Danielle and had some carrot juice from a bottle. I almost threw up on my desk and then Bernie said (very sarcastically), "still want that juicer?" No. And f-you.

Fast forward to a few years later when I watched the documentary again and again declared, "I want a juicer!!!" And I got one and juice is awesome when carrots and celery aren't involved. Anyway....Right after I got back from Europe I started the 21-day cleanse at the end of the book and man did I need it after the holidays and that long trip. I hesitate to call it a cleanse as that brings up visions of cayenne and lemon water...here is what I did (or more importantly, didn't do):

no animal products (meat, eggs, dairy, etc)
no caffeine
no coffee
no processed food (other than corn chips)
lots of fruits, veggies, nuts and whole grains
I didn't bother with no gluten because I've tried it before with no benefits
no added sugar
no alcohol
move your body - sweat it out
dry brushing - my skin is now softer then when I was 5
green juice - yum!
green/fruit smoothies
lots of water
I ate as much raw food as possible
I ate whatever I wanted

So, how did it go? Great, for the most part. I did a very similar cleanse last year. For two weeks I was all in and it actually made me eat better when I was traveling so I was thankful for that. I lost about 7lbs and kept it off (it's been a month). I was a little weak but I think that is more mental than anything. I would crash every day around 5pm, super tired and yawning like crazy. But I worked out the entire time, weights, yoga, etc. Just like with the cleanse last year it reminded me there is other ways to eat...that I don't need animal protein every day or with every meal. And given I've been reading the China Study which is anti-animal, everything started to come together and make sense. And most importantly, this is working for ME. After choking down endless amounts of protein for the last decade, man am I glad there is another option. The third week I got a little lax, had some cheese and some eggs but pretty much followed everything else.

My typical day during the cleanse, and most of my days since go a little something like this: wake up and have a lot of tea, large green juice around noon, large salad around 1 or 2pm, green smoothie or banana or something around 4pm, dinner whatever I want. Pretty much all raw until dinner, I like my dinner cooked and warm. We ate a lot of soup with fresh baguette, so good. You mean carbs really aren't bad after all? What the f- have I been doing all these years? The only thing I have not been able to give up that I really want to give up is dairy. I loves me some cheese.

As luck would have it Kris Carr came to the Tattered Cover bookstore in Denver on her book tour. It was just a short walk from our house. I had never went to a book signing before and was a little shocked at how many people were there, I think the Tattered Cover was too as it was the most people they ever had come for a signing. I kind of felt like a stalker, but a non-creepy stalker. Kris spoke about the book and did some Q&A before the signing. She seems so laid back and full of life. I like the pink streak in her hair.
...oh, and she is very pretty
 ...and very thin and from a distance I thought tall
 ...but not tall because I look like a giant next to her :) The weird look on my face is because I was thinking, her boob is smooshed on my arm. Yes, I'm obviously 10 years old.
Get the book and let me know if you like it!

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  1. Hi, I have the book and am going to start reading it today. What does "dry brushing - my skin is now softer then when I was 5" mean?




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