February 27, 2011

Bernie's Room mood board without the board

I have no idea how to use this computer, specifically how to create any kind of a picture composite so here are just a few of the things that are going to make up Bernie's Room - our small bedroom remodel that is getting so close to being done. Well, it seems like we are close but I have to paint all of the trim pieces Bernie removed and stripped and he has to put them all back together, patch, touch up paint, etc. so we still have a lot to do. Not to mention furniture and fabrics. Here is where we are right now...

the wall color is Martha's purple agate in eggshell
love it! finished the second coat yesterday
new egg & dart crown molding is painted in BM's chantilly lace in high gloss
we got half of the moldings installed today - so easy!
the Hotel Collection "rings" bedding which may end up being a padded headboard (the rings) and curtains (the champagne side of the duvet) because the room might not fit a full sized bed after all
a new light fixture is on order from Schoolhouse Electric, I've wanted one of their lights for years and I think their turn of the century aesthetic will work well in many areas of our 1905 home
 the light will be in this finish which is a huge departure for me. 
I've also ordered an old push button switch and cover plate which is funny since the last owner removed all of the push button switches that were original.
I wouldn't have considered the bronze finish for the lights but when we cleaned up our door hardware it looked so pretty near the wall color. Did you notice the egg & dart? I'll do a separate post on how easy it was to remove decades worth of paint from the hardware.
the original stained glass
new closet from the Container Store installed a few weeks ago

Can you see it starting to come together? I can, and I like it! More to come...

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