January 8, 2011


...formerly Wednesday Windows started by Le Claw. Since I never seem to post on a Wednesday I'm just going with "Windows."

Here is how I looked most of the day. It got windy, and then a few sprinkles, and then it rained and it poured and it blew umbrellas inside out. This was my one day to look around Brussels..more to come on my trip later, but for now just check out my smiling mug. Travel is so glamorous. It must have been serendipity that while looking for some kind of classy grown up coat I bought a knee length coat with a hood from North Face just before I left for Europe. You can't tell but it has a cute belt too. It is water proof and wind proof so I was not at all miserable until the last hour when my feet got wet. (FYI - I hate the word serendipity but I read it in an article yesterday and thought, who the F uses serendipity without sounding like a douche? So I thought I would give it a go. Yep, sounds douchey.) I think I've only slept 1-2 hours in the last 34 so I'm going to bed and tomorrow will be a better day...IN PARIS!!!! Oh, and I've started a macaron experiment. Just wait and see.


  1. glad someone is doing some windows, god knows i couldn't keep that shite up. i love this picture of you b/c it is the expression i think i most often have. serendipity. teehee and c'est la vie!

  2. PS - I can vouch for the cuteness of the coat!!

  3. You look adorable:) Love the picture! Can't wait to hear about the macarons and Paris!

  4. Sherri - Pickel/Nicole over at Swimming in Brine is doing it faithfully! Thanks for the fun idea.

    Shaboom - thanks! It is coming in handy in European winter for sure.

    Karen - thanks so much!



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