January 14, 2011

I WILL Master Beef Short Ribs...

...if it kills me! I may be shifting towards vegetarian but I will master braised beef dammit! Remember when I tried the famous boeuf bourguignonne? Fail. But why? No effin clue. Then I had beef short ribs at Barolo Grill on New Year's Eve and they were like boeuf butter atop a fluffy sunchoke puree. Heaven. I can do this! Right? I busted out my Tom Collichio cookbook and headed to Whole Foods.

braised beef short ribs and potato puree

Here is a simplified version of the short ribs recipe but it is NOT the one I followed. It reuses the marinade as the braise and shortens the cooking time. Do not shorten the cooking time. Let me know if you really want the recipe.

Day 1
I reduced the recipe by half. 4 beef short ribs ~ 2lbs and the braising wine from Tuscany
 step 1 - brown the beef, I did 5 minutes per side. my new splatter shield came in handy
 I was patient, and got a nice brown even though my pics don't show it well
 creating the marinade, very simple but I forgot I had the perfect pan for this, grrrr. I put the marinade on the browned beef and refrigerated for a day
Day 2
A fresh marinade and the start of a 3 hour braise, I knew I would get some use out of my Le Creuset!
towards the end of the braise, once complete you strain and degrease the braising liquid and then put the braise and beef together in the fridge for 1-2 days. I waited 2 days. Didn't want to rush it. 
gave Cooper a cooked beef bone, lasted about 5 minutes before it started to splinter - bad idea
Day 4
the last step - remove the bones while cold and then cook another 45 minutes in the oven with lots of basting
 short cut on the potato puree, turned out very firm even with lots of extra milk/cream/butter
 Voila! It looks burnt but it wasn't
Final result - excellent but not perfect. It was very tender but not like the melt in your mouth short ribs from Barolo. The braise was good but I think I need to find a way to reduce it more to get a sauce instead of a liquid. Bernie loved the potatoes and I made enough so he'll be eating them all week. Better then the boeuf bourguignonne, but still needs practice. Making this meal takes planning, and lots of patience. I'm going to try a second recipe to learn how different techniques result in different flavors and textures. Until next time. Bon Appetit!

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