April 27, 2010

BL2 Week 3

It is important to reward yourself for a job well done.  If you have a bit of weight to lose, you could make a list of prizes to give yourself after each 5lbs you lose (just don't make them food related, obv).  I've decided to use silver bangles because I like the symbolism of putting one on if I lose 5lbs and taking one off if I move backwards.  It is a constant visual reminder of my progress, or lack there of.  Those bracelets are staring me in my face each morning and I can't wait to put the first one on.  What rewards do you have planned for yourself?

Below is the percentage of weight loss after Week 3 (this is a running total, not a weekly result).  We got some slow and steady progress going on and a little back sliding here and there - someone reminded me today that this is a marathon not a sprint so keep it up.  One bad week can't, shouldn't, break you.  We have Heidi in first place again followed by Sharon and Lori - excellent job again ladies but we're all coming for you!

Keri 1.01%
Pickel 0.89%
Karin 0.99%
Carolina 0.79%
Kristy 1.06%
Auntie Ann 0.68%
Jennifer 2.44%
Tracy 0.00%
Danielle 0.00%
Claire 2.11%
Mindy 0.33%
Jamie 1.46%
Amy S-C 1.28%
Lara 0.75%
Marcy 1.03%
Megan 1.19%
Leah 1.14%
Molly -0.37%
Heidi 8.62%
Anne Marie 0.00%
Amanda 0.58%
Michelle 1.78%
Lori 2.52%
Stef 1.14%
Chelsea 0.90%
Sharon 3.11%

The Master your Metabolism Cookbook is out today.  My copy is in the mail, I'll let you know if it is worth it.  Have you read any good fitness/weight loss related books you want to recommend?

If you didn't see it on Facebook, I have finally figured out a prize for the winner of BL2...a custom keri bag from Lerato Designs.  You can pick your fabric, strap length, etc. and Pickel will make you a lovely bag.  Unless she wins, then I'll have to rethink it.  You will be able to walk to the Farmer's Market in style for sure.  Here's my bag, pretty awesome.  Game on bitches, mama needs a new bag.

April 25, 2010

I loves me some housewives

Laying in bed on a Sunday watching a Real Housewives of NYC marathon.  Sigh.  My guilty pleasure.  Am I crazy or is Alex turning out to be the normal one?  The Countess has zero manners.  Ramona is coo-coo for cocoa puffs.  Jill is soooo Long Island.  And Kelly...oh Kelly, you live in Kelly-Land.  Betheny is my favorite, even though they make her seem psycho, but I think she may just be a normal person inserted into Crazytown.

April 20, 2010

Biggest Loser 2 - Week 2 Results

Week two is behind us and I had such a great week!  For the first time in I think, oh, I don't know, EVER!, I didn't gain weight when I went on a trip for work.  How you ask?  Well, I used a technique I learned from the (highly recommended by moi) Beck Diet.  I said, NO CHOICE.  I have no choice but to stay on track if I want to meet my goals.  (um, I just proofread this last sentence and I wrote "to eat my goals" WTF).  It may sound stupid but it is so powerful.  I took control over my meals by packing my lunch, eating foods that list calories like sandwiches from Starbucks, skipped big dinners out with my coworkers, didn't drink any alcohol, etc.  It was a break thru.  Let's hope I do as well this week in San Francisco...a little more tempting spot than Tucson.

I'm doing the Beck Diet with Danielle and Karin so it is helpful to check in with them daily via email.  Hopefully you have someone you're checking in with to help hold you accountable.  It's hard to skip a workout when both ladies are nagging me, I mean, suggesting to me I can do push-ups and crunches and at least get 5 minutes in.  Hard to argue with that....I just dropped down and did 20 push-ups.  5 minutes is better than 0 minutes any way you look at it.

Below is the percentage of weight loss after Week 2 (this is a running total, not a weekly result).  Heidi has lost more weight in two weeks than I've seen anywhere other than on NBC's the Biggest Loser.  Congrats Heidi!  But seriously, who can meet her next Tuesday in Rochester Hills to supervise her weigh in?  Ha ha, no, seriously (wink wink).  Sharon and Jamie pulled way ahead this week too - great job everyone!  Such an impressive group.

Keri 1.01%
Pickel 0.00%
Karin 1.86%
Carolina 0.40%
Kristy 0.64%
Auntie Ann 0.68%
Jennifer 1.83%
Tracy 0.00%
Danielle 0.93%
Claire 1.05%
Mindy 0.33%
Jamie 2.04%
Amy S-C 1.28%
Lara 1.49%
Marcy 0.69%
Megan 1.62%
Leah 1.26%
Molly -0.37%
Heidi 6.81%
Anne Marie 0.00%
Amanda 0.00%
Michelle 0.00%
Lori 1.83%
Stef -0.38
Chelsea 0.66%
Sharon 3.11%

April 18, 2010

Grow Dammit Grow, part 4, the garden

The garden is coming along.  So far it has just taken a few hours of my time each weekend.  I must say this is quite a learning process, for example, it looks like my parsnips won't be read for eating until NEXT spring.  Hmmmm, that's an awfully long wait for a root veggie.  Last weekend I transplanted tomato, pepper, and eggplant seedlings to larger 4" pots.  I left town for a few days and they are already much bigger!  Not sure how many I should keep and how many I should give away.

A few weekends ago Bernie had removed all the fugly red mulch left by the previous owners and turned all the soil in our new garden - a 3.5' x 29.5' space along our South fence.  Last weekend I got the garden ready for seeds.  Bernie was conveniently sick all weekend so I moved 30 cubic feet of compost and top soil by my lonesome.  My assistant Cooper was of no help, but he did manage to pee on the bags.  At least I had cute LOL gloves to wear, that helps.  Bernie did some fancy man-stuff to the sprinklers and now my garden will get water in all the right places, supposedly.  Instead of the raised bed we had planned to do I just bought an ugly green wire fence from Home Depot to keep the dog at a distance.  Cheaper and easier - score!
This weekend I direct sowed carrot, parsnip and beet seeds on the left end of the garden.  On the right side of the garden I transplanted my first flat of lettuces and sowed spinach seeds and more lettuce seeds.  The transplanted lettuces don't look so swell.  Fingers are crossed.  I planted them close together because I'm going to use them for micro greens, not lettuce heads.  I'm wondering if lettuce is the best use of my limited space.  The biggest thing I'm unsure of is how much each seed or plant is going to produce...I'll have to take good notes for next year.  I couldn't keep my inner engineer out of the gardening process - my garden is mapped out on green graph paper to scale.  The cedar boards in the garden are just so I know where I'm at until I'm done planting. My garden assistant was pretty worn out when we were done. (note, those aren't my crocs)

 All my seeds are from the Hudson Valley Seed Libary, great company, check them out.

April 17, 2010

An Open Letter to Mr. 8D

Dear Douchebag,

         Did it ever occur to you as you sat next to me for two hours on a cramped commuter plane that maybe you could share the armrest for at least two fucking minutes?  No.  Obviously it did not.  Since you not only hogged it the entire time but it took you two fucking hours to read the Wall Street Journal, hitting me with every page turn.  Seriously?  Maybe next time you could at least wear long sleeves so I don't have to lean out in the aisle to avoid your disgusting arm hair.  I suspect, you are indeed, a gorilla.  A dumb gorilla.

         And while we're on the subject, please keep your legs on your side of the plane.  You are not a linebacker and you don't need to sit with your legs wide open pushing me further into the aisle.  What kind of Neanderthal sits like that anyway?  Oh that's right, gorillas sit like that.  And if that weren't bad enough, quit thump thump thumping your leg against mine.  It was very hard for me not to outright kick you but I didn't think you'd actually receive the message.

       So, in closing, SUCK IT seat 8D!  I hope to never sit next to an inconsiderate d-bag like you again, but I know the odds are against me since there are so many of you in the world.

                                                                               Yours truly,
                                                                                Seat 8C


April 13, 2010

BL2 Week 1 is Over!

You might have thought I wouldn't check, but you would be wrong.  Chelsea was the ONLY one to lose weight over the two weeks between contests - props to you girl!  Amanda and Ann stayed the same.  The rest of us?  You know what we did.  Today is a new day.

Most of you told me your weight loss goals (391 pounds between the 26 of us), so here are some of my goals over the next 12 weeks.  These goals are all kind of intertwined with the end goal of losing 25-30lbs by finding some balance, kicking it old school as the kids say.  They do still say that right?
  • In an attempt to educate myself on what it means to eat in season, from May - November my goal is to only buy produce/fruit from farmer's markets or get it out of my garden.  Find a farmer's market near you here.  I just put opening day on my calendar.
  • Eat as fresh and as local as possible.  If your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize what you're eating as food, should you be eating it?  Probably not.
  • Cook my meals and eat them at the table without the t.v. and without my computer (eek!) - we've done this over the last week and guess what, you can actually have a conversation!  Who knew!?!
  • Try to move every day if even just a casual walk in the park.  5 minutes of exercise is better than 0 minutes of exercise.  Bernie and I have walked the dog a few times in the last week and guess what?  More conversation!  How will my marriage survive all this talking???
  • Incorporate more non-exercise like walking to the market, restaurants, coffee shop, etc.  The dog is totally on board with this plan.  Living in the city allows me to walk to so many more things than when we were in the 'burbs.  If I can walk to get that baguette, that sucker is mine.
  • Plan and Schedule - meal plans, grocery lists, workouts, etc.
  • Finish in the Top 5 of this contest.  Last time I was cursed by laziness and won't let that happen again.  Really I want to win, but I won't let me being cocky jinx me again this time.
  • If I do all of the above, maybe, hopefully, definitely I will lose the 25-30lbs I'm hoping to lose and learn a few things in the process.

Below is the percentage of weight loss after Week 1 (this is a running total, not a weekly result).  Not everyone weighed in Day 1 hence a few n/a's.  Heidi jumped out front with a commanding lead!  Followed by Sharon and Karin.  Pretty good week one if I do say.  As a group we lost over 33lbs and several haven't even weighed in yet.  I think last week I set a goal for the team of 250lbs - no problem.  Congrats ladies!!!

Keri 0.84%
Pickel 0.89%
Karin 1.74%
Carolina 0.40%
Kristy N/A
Auntie Ann 0.68%
Jennifer 0.98%
Tracy N/A
Danielle 1.08%
Claire 1.40%
Mindy 0.00%
Jamie 0.97%
Amy S-C -0.64%
Lara 1.49%
Marcy 1.03%
Megan 1.73%
Leah 0.88%
Molly -0.37%
Heidi 3.12%
Anne Marie N/A
Amanda 0.00%
Michelle 0.59%
Lori 0.92%
Stef N/A
Chelsea 0.66%
Sharon 1.96%

Weekly Thoughts / Inspiration courtesy of one of your competitors:
From Karin: I didn't sleep very well last night and chose to sleep in rather than get up for a 6 am spinning class. My old brain message told me to just throw in the towel for the rest of the day, but I stopped myself and told myself that I can go walking at lunch and I go to the gym tonight.  I am going walking now......out the door I go.
Reminder: After this week I'm not going to send personal reminders to everyone for weights, so please remember to send me your weight every Tuesday. I don't want to be a nag and you're doing this for you after all.

April 9, 2010

Grow Dammit Grow, part 3 compost

We're going to give composting a whirl this year.  And when I say we, typically it is really me and my bright ideas.  So, we bought this 170 gallon gigantic compost bin which was promptly shipped with every piece slightly broken.  This must happen often because there was a sticker on the box that said, if a piece is broken give Susie a call.  When I told Susie which pieces were broken, she said, but that is every piece!?!  Yep.  Every piece.  Susie sent me a replacement in a few days and Bernie put it together in the back 40.  Thinking it counter intuitive to throw away a compost bin I gave it to our friends Carolina and Jim who were able to glue the breaks and put it to use.  Two for the price of one!  Look at this monster...I think that is a 6 foot fence if that gives you any idea of scale.
My good friend Danielle gave me a stainless steel countertop compost pail for Christmas and it turns out, it is the perfect little thing.  Every time I put something in there I feel like I am saving the environment (from my Tahoe).  It has carbon filters in the top so the stink don't get out and she also gave me compostable pail liners.  The pail minus the filters can be thrown in the dishwasher.  Score!  It takes me almost a week to fill it up.
Thanks to my new compost bin, finally I now have a reason to take the spent coffee grounds that have been calling my name at Starbucks.  I always wondered what they were for, now I know!

April 5, 2010

Biggest Loser 2 - the details

Here we go again ladies!  I'm so proud of the success of Part I and that there was so much interest in keeping the contest going.  I've re-posted the rules from last time.  The contest will run 12 weeks from 4/6 - 6/29, just in time for you to wear a bathing suit on July 4th!

A Few Rules:
•First weigh-in will be Tuesday April 6 with a 1 week grace period for those who are unable on day 1.
•Taking a 'before' pic is a good way to gauge your progress, followed by an 'after' pic when we're done
•Weigh in every Tuesday for 12 weeks and report your progress to me via email or facebook message (no one's weight will be shared on this blog but if you don't want to share your weight with me you can send me your percentage lost, email me for the spreadsheet)
•I'll post weekly results
•Final weigh-in is Tuesday June 29
•There will be a prize for the winner - I'm still offering up a prize since our Round 1 winner Lori, tickled with her major weight loss, declined

A Few More Rules:
•Ladies only, and only ladies I know or who Follow my blog (anyone else can certainly follow along and would love to hear your comments!)
•We're on the honor system, cheaters need not apply
•Weekly weigh-ins should be on the same scale, at the same time, in the same outfit (or sans outfit if you prefer) and don't do something sneaky for that first weigh-in like down a gallon of water or put on your snow suit (Claire, this means you). Even though Claire is now skinny, she's still sneaky, so I'll leave this rule in.  :)  
•The person that loses the largest percentage of body weight (not number of pounds) will be our Biggest Loser
•Post a comment to this blog or send me an email if you want to participate!!!

keri dot hoffman at pepsico dot com

So far I have:  Me, Danielle, Karin, Jen, Ann, Kristy, Pickle, Amanda, Carolina, Michelle, Marcy, Lara, Anne Marie, Molly, Mindy, Claire, Megan, Leah, Tracy C-R, Amy S-C, Heidi, and an unknown Jamie.  Did I miss anyone?   Wow!  That's an even bigger group than last time!  I'm going to set a group goal this time of 250lbs!!!

If you're on the fence, it's not too late.  Did I mention we lost 188lbs last time?  Seriously.  For those of you new to my blog you can look at the Archive by Content thingy on the right side of the blog and look at some of our old posts (lots of healthy tips and individual stories), Healthy recipes, etc.  Time to kick some ass and take some names!  Again.

Update: Forgot to mention, when you send me your starting weight Tuesday morning please send me your weight-loss goal for the next 12 weeks.

April 4, 2010

Grow Dammit Grow, part 2 of a 57 part series

It's been three weeks since I started our garden.  See how we got started here.  My tomatoes, eggplant, brussels sprouts, and broccoli are coming up nicely in the heated back porch.  The peppers are just starting to sprout.  I planted the Brandywine heirloom tomato seeds today since I didn't have the seeds when we planted the rest of the tomatoes.  Side note for Anne Marie, I did all the dirty work myself, although I only used my right hand.  Strangely I can't stand to have both hands dirty at the same time.  It's a cross I must bare.  Bare?  Bear?  I don't know.  You get the point.

I'm consulting the Hudson Valley Seed Library (where I bought my seeds) and The Vegetable Gardener's Bible to figure out what to do when.  According to the bible I'm supposed to transplant tomatoes, peppers and eggplants into 4" pots after they grow their true leaves.  Use a 50/50 mix of compost and soil-less seed starting mix.  I transplanted 5 New Yorker Tomatoes, 2 Red Pear Tomatoes, and 1 Yellow Pear Tomato today...the rest are still sprouting.  These look mighty fine don't they?
My first flat of lettuce is sprout-sprout-sprouting away so I planted another flat today and included the Arugula that we forgot in the first round.  I also planted a few types of Basil (loves me some basil), some Thyme, and Oregano all from seed.  I bought rosemary and chive seeds too but turns out you have to start those wayyyyyy in advance.

Finally, I took the pot from our old ficus tree that didn't survive the move.  It's going to be our herb pot because it's tall and the dog can't pee in it.  Right now it has just some small plants - rosemary, dill, chives and thyme.  Once my other herbs sprout up I'll move them over here.  I also want to get some French Tarragon for bernaise.  I hope the chives don't take over the space.  If they do I'll kill them where they stand.

After the gardening was done, Bernie, Cooper, and I walked to the local market 1.5 miles away to buy pork belly for this yummy-looking carbonara recipe.  After the long walk to Marczyk's I was feeling very French so I bought a fresh baguette, some brie, and a bottle of wine.  I finally found the little cornichon pickles I had been after since M'Oprah got me addicted to yet another blog.  Maybe I'll grow/make my own cornichons this summer if I can find an authentic recipe.  Maybe someone on the French Skinny Experiment can help me out.  S'il vous plaît?

April 1, 2010

Biggest Loser, The Sequel

Biggest Loser part Deux starts Tuesday April 6.  Next week people!  So far it is me, Danielle, Karin, Jen, Ann, Kristy, Nicole a.k.a. Pickle, Amanda, Carolina, Michelle, Marcy, Lara, and Jamie?  Not sure which Jamie commented that they wanted to join so let me know who you be. 

Are you with us? You got a whole two weeks off. Hopefully you kept it in check. Your results the first 12 weeks were amazing. Now it is time to get back to work.

Who else is IN?  For those of you who are new, here is how we did it last time.  For now, I think I'm sticking to the must-have-a-va-jay-jay-to-participate-rule.  Sorry Steve.

Update: Anne Marie, Molly, Mindy, and Claire will also be joining our little comp.


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