December 22, 2010

Wednesday Windows 5

Usually Christmas is my holiday. I start decorating right after Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the decorations as long as possible. Sometimes they stay up through the end of January. This year I've been all bah-humbug. No energy to decorate. But for some reason I bought these silly window gel things at Target. Not sure why since we don't have kids and they're corny.
Also, there is a conspiracy against me this & food basket in the back, giant stack of Godiva products in the front. I will be sharing these calories, I mean gifts, for sure. Who's hungry?

Here are the instructions from Sherri at The Claw:
Post two pictures on your blog. The first, is literally a picture taken from a window (from your home, car, wherever your window view may be at the time)

the second - a little peek into your world (a window into it if ya will - and I know you will), with a bit of an explanation. You can use the second image as a stepping off point for sharing something with your blog readers (and me - please link back to the claw in a comment if you play along), that they may not know about you or your life. It can be anything. It need not be particularly revealing, or profound, just describe what is going on in the picture. Perhaps, we can learn a bit more about each other.

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