December 17, 2010

Wednesday Windows 4

Wednesday Windows don't always have to happen on Wednesdays right? Excuse the crackberry photos, but since I don't travel to Hawaii every day I figured I would share a peek out of my window today. I'm on the 17th floor of the Marriott Waikiki Beach. I wish you were all here with me and could enjoy the beach while I go to work. Actually I wish that I could have enjoyed Hawaii at least a little bit but unfortunately most of my time has been spent at work or in the hotel as is typical when I travel. So glamorous right?

My view to the left - Waikiki beach. It's hard to see but there are lots of surfers waiting to catch the right wave - what an awesome way to spend your morning!
My view to the right, mountains or an old volcano maybe
From the other side of the hotel on the 30th floor
 A beautiful park wth a name I can't pronounce and a crate with a name I can't remember.
 Claire's response to my Wednesday Windows...priceless

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Here are the instructions from Sherri at The Claw:

Post two pictures on your blog. The first, is literally a picture taken from a window (from your home, car, wherever your window view may be at the time)

the second - a little peek into your world (a window into it if ya will - and I know you will), with a bit of an explanation. You can use the second image as a stepping off point for sharing something with your blog readers (and me - please link back to the claw in a comment if you play along), that they may not know about you or your life. It can be anything. It need not be particularly revealing, or profound, just describe what is going on in the picture. Perhaps, we can learn a bit more about each other.

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