December 20, 2010

This Week at the Mall...

last year's decorations
While Christmas shopping this year I saw a few unique things...
  • A Chihuahua in a Santa suit in Banana Republic
  • 3 people being taken out of the mall in cuffs, shop lifting I assume
  • A lady in Sephora with a stroller...holding two dogs
  • A woman frantically running around Whole Foods looking for Steak-ums. Not gonna find them there sister!
  • An English Sheepdog in Lululemon

What is it about Colorado, Cherry Creek in particular, that makes people think they can bring their dogs to the mall/grocery store/etc. if they are small? And in a baby stroller no less?

1 comment:

  1. is this your first experience with dogs in strollers? here we see people using doggy strollers all the time. apparently fido is no longer capable of walking.



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