December 28, 2010

The day of the Fridge

I know, fridge's are boring, and most of you heard me complain on facebook all yesterday but I'm still going to show you our new fridge and the trials and tribs I went through getting the new one in and the old one out.

First off, we had a mini fridge that came with the new house and I couldn't take jamming things into it for one more minute so I went online at and bought the biggest fridge possible. I measured the area where the fridge was going and thought, why the heck did they put such a small fridge in this house? Then, the morning of the delivery, I thought to myself, you know, I didn't check the door openings. If you go through the front door you have to clear 4 doorways and the smallest one was 30". If coming through the back you only need to clear 2 and you have 31" with the doors off. How big was the new fridge you ask? 36". Yep. Fuck me. Damn old houses have. Did I mention I'm an engineer? So the delivery guy calls and I tell him what a dumbass I am and he says, we'll assess it when we get the poor guys had to take off all 3 doors and some other parts from the new fridge, plus our two doors into the house. But they made it work and were really nice about what a dummy I was. 

before: our mini fridge
 jam packed mini fridge
 poor guys disassembling the new fridge
 new fridge made it in! In pieces
 New vs. old
 Temporary problem with the freezer door not closing solved by Breville, then fixed by me but who knows how
 look how shiny and pretty he is!
 so much room you can't even imagine!
It's a GE Profile 28.5 cubic feet. The fridge door shelves are a little awkward (downfall of the bottom freezer, they put the ice maker in the fridge so you can have ice/water int he door) but there is so much room in the fridge itself who cares. It has fancy push back shelves, flip up shelves, a long drawer and we could fit a small body int he freezer which is probably twice the size of our old one! It juts out into our kitchen a little much but whatever, it's functional and pretty and has filtered water. 

Getting the old one out wasn't easy either. We had to take the doors off that fridge and take both doors off the house. Again. But it went to a young family buying their first home and that seemed like a much better option than having Home Depot cart it away for might be a small mini fridge but it is stainless, energy star and only 3 years old. Thanks to our realtor for putting us in touch! (if you need a realtor in CO, LaVerne is awesome!)



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