December 23, 2010

Bernie's 40th

I almost forgot all about posting some pictures from Bernie's surprise 40th birthday party. I didn't take very good pictures but we had a great time. Steve, Stef, and I came up with a scheme to get Bernie out of the house. We thought it was pretty slick but I guess too slick since Bernie said he figured something was up. We just had a small dinner party with enough people to fit around our table, above from L to R: Jodie, Stef, Michael, Bernie, Randy, Polly, Steve.
I made this salad, I just love it. I used mixed greens instead of arugula and prosciutto instead of crispy pancetta. The simple dressing is my favorite. For dinner I made Ina Garten's Tagliarelle pasta with truffle butter and chicken stuffed with goat cheese. Recipe here. Great recipe, unfortunately this was the start of my 5 week plague so the thought of this meal makes me cringe, may never be able to eat it again. Dessert was from the cupcake shop down the street.
Cheesy decorations were put up. Lots of food was eaten. Lots of wine was drunk. Bernie's Auntie Ann sent in some great dessert wines. And we got the good news that our friend Jodie is expecting! Thanks to everyone for coming, and Bernie, just pretend you're surprised next time please ;)

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