November 2, 2010

Yo, it was my birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday.  I've decided I'm going to be 27 years old and won't be aging again anytime soon.  I certainly have no intentions of turning 40 four years from now.  I'll reconsider my strategy when I near 50 because there seems to be something awesome that happens to women when they turn 50.  Like all the little stuff that clouds our lives just falls away.  Totally sexy.  

I'm happy to report, knock on wood, I'm down over 15lbs, still no gray hairs and no major wrinkles to speak of. My philosophy products are doing their job while draining my bank account. Forget about Hope in a Jar people, that's for babies. Miracle Worker is where it's at and worth every penny. Sephora just upgraded me to a higher status of shopper which gives me mixed emotions.  It comes with special offers and discounts but means I spent a shit ton of money this year trying to turn back the clock.  I forgot to mention, like a good little M'Oprah follower I bought the Fresh lip balm in Plum on my last trip to Sephora.  Read about it here.  I would like a little more color, but it is sooooo smooooth! Marija is right, your lips will thank you.

I had a pretty good day considering my bday fell on a dreaded Monday. My friend Claire took me to lunch. I had my favorite eggplant panini with goat cheese and the waiter gave us the most awesome oatmeal cookie. After work I met Claire again for a workout with Heather where she showed zero mercy for my birthday. It was a good ass beating for sure. Heather seems to have been possessed by Jillian after hearing about my cruise (I'll blog on that soon I promise). I was dripping sweat everywhere. I came home to some beautiful flowers from Bernie's Aunt and Uncle - how awesome are they?  Forgive my phone photo.  They were lovely and the perfect match for our house.

Bernie cleaned the house and planned to make me a special dinner but his back has been killing him and he over exerted himself getting prepared - poor thing!  I regret my joke about him vacuuming would be a great birthday present. Vacuums are murder on a bad back. We ended up ordering pizza. I had one piece with a salad and a glass of wine. A mini Almond Joy from Halloween leftovers was dessert.

I got like 50 birthday wishes on facebook which is just crazy and awesome at the same time. One person asked me my favorite part of the last year and what I look forward to in the next year....hmmmm. Profound. Hard to narrow it down - the last year I have loved living in the city, being married another year, and finishing the NYC Marathon on my birthday last year. In the next year I look forward to planning, and hopefully going on, our first trip to France. Paris? Wine country? Both? So many decisions. Answer the same questions for yourself - it aint easy!

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