November 24, 2010

Wednesday Windows 2

Is it Wednesday again already? And I haven't written a blog post since the last Wednesday Windows. I've been busy since last Wednesday - I came back from a week in Michigan, had my 1 year blog anniversary (with zero fanfare on my part), planned a surprise 40th birthday party for Bernie, took a quick trip across the country to Maryland, and unfortunately, got sick. Boo. I hate being sick, who doesn't.

Anyway, I did remember it was Wednesday and snapped a few pictures. If you didn't catch last week's post with the explanation you can find it here.

A wintery morning out our front porch windows. Our house was built in 1905 but the porch was enclosed in the 1920's. The windows are original and the glass is wavy. Across the street is Ferrill Lake in City Park.
 One of my favorite paintings is hanging in our dining room.

Here are the instructions from Sherri at The Claw:
Post two pictures on your blog. The first, is literally a picture taken from a window (from your home, car, wherever your window view may be at the time)

the second - a little peek into your world (a window into it if ya will - and I know you will), with a bit of an explantation. You can use the second image as a stepping off point for sharing something with your blog readers (and me - please link back to the claw in a comment if you play along), that they may not know about you or your life. It can be anything. It need not be particularly revealing, or profound, just describe what is going on in the picture. Perhaps, we can learn a bit more about each other.


  1. (try #2) I love this idea!! my world has an abnormally small number of windows, but I am joining the Wednesday window adventure. however, my brain is not always with the program, so "wednesday" might appear any day. :) I don't get the link back thing...can you send me an email to explain that? I can't wait to join in the fun!

  2. yeah pickel! link back just means to post your Wednesday Windows blog link back to the comments section of The Claw blog or to my blog, either way! Welcome!

  3. Great pic. Looks cozy inside!!

    Here's what I found outside my window...

  4. this is fun. now i am worried that i am gonna fill up my phone with all of my pictures. :) my first post is up...



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