November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Growing up in Michigan Thanksgiving consisted of dinner with my Mom's side of the family. Since I moved out to Colorado we have shared most of our Thanksgivings with our friends the Trahey's. Bernie and I went to college with Steve and both Steve and Stef are transplants like us. Lately we have settled on Thanksgiving at their house, Christmas dinner at ours unless someones out of town. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from years passed. My Uncle and Matthew came to the first Thanksgiving in our first house but I can't find those pictures at the moment.

The Knapp's house in Alden, Michigan
The Hoffman men - Bernie 3, Bernie 2 (aka Dude) & Todd
Jen, Zak, Dick & Karen - I'm guessing this was just before I allegedly got a little wild playing some game and put a big ole gauge in that lovely table. Of which I have little memory.
 Big Guy & Dude
Our house in Littleton, CO
Todd and Dude joined us from Michigan
I'll let you guess who might have had a few too many
 Steve, Grace & Stef Trahey

The Trahey's house Colorado Springs, CO
 Grace's last Tgving as an only child
 The Trahey's house with their new daughter Eve
 Steve & his Mom
 No group shots and where is Bernie?

2008? Hmmmm, maybe the post-it note I had bouncing around for about a year that said "get pics from the Trahey's" were about Thanksgiving?

As for 2009, the Trahey's left us and headed to Michigan so we were going to have a fabulous dinner with our friends Claire and Dom but about 20 minutes after we got there Cooper cut his foot and we were off to the emergency room. That's right, an emergency vet visit on a holiday. We missed the entire dinner. $600 later with Cooper high as a kite we swung by their house and they were kind enough to give us leftovers which were totally awesome by the way. I think we ate them for like 3 days straight. Hopefully that experience wasn't what drove them to the mountains for skiing this year :)
 Cooper was so doped up he passed out when I was paying the bill and refused to move for over an hour. When he got in the house he made it no farther than the entryway and stayed there for hours.
He's fine now but he had to keep that bandage on for an extended period and now he has a funky toe that we realized just this morning that it doesn't work anymore. That's okay, he has 15 other toes.

So, what fun will 2010 bring???
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

*side note - since I know Steve will see this post and grumble a loud OMG over the pics of him, I'll let you know that he's since lost like 60lbs. 



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