November 30, 2010

BL3 - Final Results!

Well we ended with a much smaller group than what we started with and we had a few gains but between 7 of us we lost 41 lbs! Not too shabby ladies. First places goes to yours truly, Bernice is in second place and Claire finished in third - great job ladies! I know we all worked really hard and amongst the three of us, we lost almost 28 of the 41lbs!

Claire, thanks for being my workout buddy!
Danielle and Karin, thanks for going on the cruise - I will never forget that trip!
And for the rest of you, thanks for providing motivation each week to keep working out and eating right.

Drum roll please! Remember this is a running total, not a weekly result. (positive #'s are good, negative #'s not so much)

Keri 6.42%
Danielle -2.19%
Karin 2.37%
Claire 3.70%
Michelle S-B -0.87%
Michelle M-K 2.37%
Sharon 2.45%
Bernice 5.34%
Carolina 0.81%
Melinda -0.64%

I just read the article below in the latest Beck Diet Solution Newsletter and thought it would be a fitting way to send you all into the holiday season since I won't be your drill sargent again this year. But oops, I didn't get the post out before Thanksgiving...

Here are 15 ways to guarantee that you will gain weight over the holidays:

1. Eat when you feel like it, not just when it’s time to eat.
2. Make excuses: “It won’t matter, I’m stressed by the holidays, it’s only a little bit, I deserve another treat, I only get to eat this food at holiday time.”
3. Stop exercising.
4. Wear clothes that don’t have fitted waistbands.
5. Eat quickly.
6. Eat on the run.
7. Try not to notice how much you’re eating.
8. Eat when you’re upset.
9. Don’t count the extra food you’re eating.
10. Drink more alcohol or other caloric beverages.
11. Agree to try whatever goodies others offer you.
12. Don’t make time in your schedule to make sure you have the food you need at hand.
13. Stop planning what you’re going to eat.
14. Pretend that the extra food will not affect your weight.
15. Eat (and drink) exactly like your (over-indulging) non-dieting friends and family.

Instead . . .

1. Plan in advance to eat a little more at holiday gatherings but not at other times.
2. Enjoy every bite of the food you planned to eat and accept the fact that you can’t eat whatever you want and maintain your weight. It just can’t be done.
3. Focus on the non-food parts of the holidays: being off work, decorating or admiring others’ decorations, enjoying the holiday spirit.
4. De-stress yourself. Figure out what you need to do to take care of yourself. When problems arise, ask yourself whether you’ll even remember the problem five years from now.
5. De-emphasize eating and connect with your spiritual side.
6. Get nourishment from being with family and friends.
7. Volunteer to help those who are less fortunate than you.
8. Get in touch with your deeper values and live by them during this holiday season.

Don’t be like an ostrich with your head in the sand. You’re likely to end up demoralized, disappointed, and discouraged. How do you really want to feel when the holidays are over?



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