October 3, 2010


I'm in a blog drought.  How do people write something interesting every week, or every day???  I feel like we've been really busy lately and nothing interesting has been happening.  I hate having my weekends scheduled, one thing a weekend is way too much.  I've been traveling more than usual which makes things even worse because weekends are spent catching up on the every day tasks - grocery shopping, working out, laundry, house cleaning.  Friends are being neglected.  On top of that I signed up for a half marathon months ago and haven't run or walked a lick so I developed a 4 week finish or die program which has me spending my free time walking.

This weekend I had a killer workout on Friday that left me pretty sore.  But due to missing my long walk last weekend in the Finish or Die schedule I had to walk 7+ miles on Saturday.  Which should have been 8+ miles so that means next weekend is going to hurt a bit too.  Being sore from Friday and then going from 3 miles to 7.14 miles hurt a bit.  I do my best with out and back walks/runs because you have no choice but to walk home.  Claire and I walked from my house to the Pepsi Center to pick up my race stuff.  She likes to walk with a purpose so we got to kill two birds with one stone.  Sunday was the Race for the Cure and with all the walking to/fro and the 5k itself I put in another 4.5 miles.  Followed by laundry, gardening, etc. 

Race for the Cure was great.  Not only is it for my favorite cause (ending cancer) but I got to spend a couple of hours with my good friend Jodie who is the busiest person I know.  I was also proud to support the lady of the hour, and beautiful young cancer survivor, Carla.  As much as I hate getting up when it is dark out, it was a great way to spend my morning.  Thanks ladies!

Monday I leave for Houston, Phoenix on Wednesday, San Francisco on Thursday and then back home.  Isn't travel glamorous?

Claire, Jodie, Brian, Carla, Laura - aren't the tutu's great?

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