October 10, 2010

Travel is sooooo Glamorous!

I've been traveling a lot lately - Michigan, New York, Florida in the last month.  Last week I was in a different state every day - Texas, Arizona, California.  Every day from Monday to Thursday I was in an airport, getting rental cars, checking into hotels, eating room service.  Whenever I tell people I travel a lot for work they always get a "how exciting!" look on their face.  FYI - travel is rarely glamorous.  Typically I go from the airport to one of our plants to the hotel and don't see much of anything else.  This week I got blisters on my hand from dragging my suit case.  On the upside, I managed to eat bacon every day.  Yummmmm, bacon.  Here are some highlights from the latest trip:

An okay Sheraton in Houston
Can you believe this rental car?  I didn't even know these were still made, I'm pretty sure they found this baby hidden on a Ford lot somewhere.  Cars slowed down on the freeway whenever I approached.  It shook when I went above 65mph.
Downtown Houston.  This was as close as I got.  This was my first trip to Houston, I should have stayed the night to check it out.  But I hate to fly in the early morning so I left.
I think this beautiful skyline was on my way from Houston to Phoenix.  I got done at the plant early and spent a lot of time in the airport.  When we got on the runway they turned our plane around and sent us back to the terminal for an hour due to weather.  I could have spent $25 to get on an earlier flight but was too cheap.  Lesson learned.  I did get to watch Direct TV the whole flight - awesome.
Finally, a rental car I can appreciate.
Not a great picture because the visibility was bad.  But I was looking at downtown San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.  I didn't do anything fun this trip but I have taken a little extra time on past trips to have dinner downtown.  Cool place if you can avoid the tourist traps.
I guess I quit taking pictures after this.  Nothing exciting happened.  Got another car.  Stayed at another Marriott.  Had the best sandwich of all time at a deli by the plant.  A guy I work with sent me a message that he heard there were bed bugs at the hotel I was staying at.  He was trying to give me the creepy crawlies but it backfired, I slept like a baby and he felt bugs crawling on him all night.  Justice. 

I leave for Virginia in the morning.  I have come to the realization that I need a wife so I don't spend my weekends doing all the usual crap stuff I have to do.

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