October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

I started to write about this on Facebook but I thought it might make a good blog post instead.  Maybe not, but either way I have to get out of this drought some how.

So, here's a little of my Halloween history.  I used to wear the same costume several years running because I never knew what to be.  Still don't.  I remember being Casper the Friendly Ghost for a few years when I was little - straight out of a box, plastic mask, white cape, you know the type.  This is not me in the picture, I stole it from the internets.  I remember wanting to wear this costume every single day.
In 3rd grade I remember not having a costume so the night before Halloween my older and meaner brother said I would be a turtle.  I wore green tights and a green turtle neck.  He took a card board box and painted it green.  I would die for a picture of this.  The fact I went to school in nothing but a green box...it's lucky I turned out normal.  I remember I couldn't sit down so I had to ditch the box and sit in my green tights all day.  If you can visualize this "costume", I in no way resembled a turtle.

Then I was Pat Benatar from her Get Nervous album cover.  At least that was the plan.  Obviously back then I didn't realize she was in a straight jacket.  Get Nervous was my very first cassette tape ever and I remember saving up my $8 or whatever it was and going to the mall to get it.  Man she was so cool.
So my mom did my make up and my hair and probably picked out my "punk" outfit.  I was wearing one of my Dad's Izod v-neck's backwards with 10lbs of my mom's costume jewelry and her shiny gold belt which she had until the day she died.  I'm pretty sure those are roach clips hanging from my hip.  We used to win them at the Algonac Pickerel Tournament and called them some innocent name like feather clips or something.  I think my beauty mark really set the whole look off don't you?  I just have to ask you mothers out there, would you send your kid off to school looking like a hooker?  It was the 80's, maybe it was more punk than it looks now.  
Hmmm...Pat Benatar or 80's Hooker - you be the judge.

I don't remember if i dressed up in junior high, I certainly didn't in high school.  But then came college and real Halloween parties.  None of my college pics are digital so this was all I could find.  Danielle and I were blue M&M's. This was when they first came out and we went around quoting all the commercials all night and since we had Absolute, Jim Beam and shot glasses in our little ghost baskets we thought we were the most hilarious M&M's ever.  I wonder if they had round brushes back then.  Man I could have used one.
I know I dressed up at least one more time but I'm too lazy to dig out the picture.  I was a bottle of Jim Beam.  I know.  Classy.  I wore brown pants and a white shirt which I spent all day drawing the bottle label on with sharpies.  It took me so long I had a headache from the fumes.  People offered me $20 for my shirt and I should have sold it because the minute I washed it it was garbage.  So, what was your favorite Halloween costume?

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