October 27, 2010

BL3 Week 8

ONLY 4 WEEKS LEFT!!! Well, we lost a few this week - lots of injuries! Boo to that!  I hope you all get better soon and eat healthy in the meantime. Nutrition is 90% of the equation anyway so all is not lost.  My goal for the next 4 weeks is to lose 10lbs. What are your goals??? Are you on track to meet the goals you set out for yourself? What can you do to get back on track?  

You could pretend Jillian is working you out. The poor guy on the left runs her website. He almost died after 20 minutes, walked off the stage and someone had to help him sit down. She shamed him back up there and I'm surprised he didn't yak. That gave me a lot of satisfaction :) I'll post about my cruise soon I've just been busier than ever lately.  

Drum roll please! Remember this is a running total, not a weekly result. (positive #'s are good, negative #'s not so much)

Keri 3.89%
Danielle -3.28%
Karin -0.12%
Claire  2.36%
Lori -1.64%
Michelle S-B ???%
Michelle M-K 0.00%
Sharon 3.07%
Bernice 3.13%
Carolina 0.81%
Melinda -0.64%

I'm happy to say I'm still in the lead 8 weeks running.  I've been working hard and can't wait to tell you all about the cruise and how cool it is to come home from a vacation down a couple of pounds versus up 10lbs.  But I have to say my progress has been a little slow the last couple of weeks and that has let Bernice and Sharon catch up.  I'll have to kick it up a notch this week.  Claire is making some progress too!  Good job everyone!

My goals this week are to build on the momentum of the cruise by eating healthy and keeping my portions small.  I am trying to move more and with more intensity.  I went to a hot yoga class last night.  Tonight I was going to walk/run a 5k but then it got cold and dark and I didn't want to leave the house so I grabbed the dog and took him to the new dog park.  It was 1.5 miles round trip.  A little exercise is always better than no exercise!

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