October 20, 2010

BL3 Week 7

Oopsie, no Week 6 blog.  Sorry ladies.  (I led Week 6 BTW).  As for Week 7 I'm afraid this is going to brief as I've had a ton going on.   Busy in work.  Busy in life.  A family member is seriously sick.  A good friend's mother passed.   (My thoughts are with them all).  And on a much lighter note, I have gi-nor-mous blisters from a half marathon I did on Sunday.  More to come on that later.  Let's get down to the results.

Drum roll please! Remember this is a running total, not a weekly result. (positive #'s are good, negative #'s not so much)

Keri 3.38%
Danielle -4.53%
Karin -0.71%
Claire  1.68%
Lori -1.64%
Marcy 0.00%
Michelle S-B 0.43%
Tracy 1.56%
Chelsea 0.41%
Michelle M-K 0.00%
Sharon 2.45%
Bernice 3.05%
Carolina 0.0%
Melinda -1.27%

Bernice is slowly moving up towards the top and Sharon is right behind her!  Will we have a new leader next week????

Only about half of you reported results and I hope we have better turnout next week.  I know a lot of you are struggling this time around.  Some of you are still down quite a bit of weight since we first started these contests and you have much to be proud of even if you aren't losing this time.  Weight loss = success but also, maintenance = success.  Some people don't like to report in if they are not meeting their goals.  I totally get it. When I'm off the wagon I don't write in my journal, like if I didn't write it down then I didn't eat that pizza or miss that workout.  I only kid myself.

I've lost track of my cruise goals these last two weeks and it has shown up in my weight.  I was doing really well even with all the travel but I think with enough bad choices it has caught up with me.  I haven't really gained but I definitely haven't lost anything in a couple of weeks.  No progress = bad.  I have high hopes for all of us next week, myself included!

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on your half marathon!!! That is a wonderful accomplishment.
    (Sorry about the blister, that sucks)

    But Rock On!




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