October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

I started to write about this on Facebook but I thought it might make a good blog post instead.  Maybe not, but either way I have to get out of this drought some how.

So, here's a little of my Halloween history.  I used to wear the same costume several years running because I never knew what to be.  Still don't.  I remember being Casper the Friendly Ghost for a few years when I was little - straight out of a box, plastic mask, white cape, you know the type.  This is not me in the picture, I stole it from the internets.  I remember wanting to wear this costume every single day.
In 3rd grade I remember not having a costume so the night before Halloween my older and meaner brother said I would be a turtle.  I wore green tights and a green turtle neck.  He took a card board box and painted it green.  I would die for a picture of this.  The fact I went to school in nothing but a green box...it's lucky I turned out normal.  I remember I couldn't sit down so I had to ditch the box and sit in my green tights all day.  If you can visualize this "costume", I in no way resembled a turtle.

Then I was Pat Benatar from her Get Nervous album cover.  At least that was the plan.  Obviously back then I didn't realize she was in a straight jacket.  Get Nervous was my very first cassette tape ever and I remember saving up my $8 or whatever it was and going to the mall to get it.  Man she was so cool.
So my mom did my make up and my hair and probably picked out my "punk" outfit.  I was wearing one of my Dad's Izod v-neck's backwards with 10lbs of my mom's costume jewelry and her shiny gold belt which she had until the day she died.  I'm pretty sure those are roach clips hanging from my hip.  We used to win them at the Algonac Pickerel Tournament and called them some innocent name like feather clips or something.  I think my beauty mark really set the whole look off don't you?  I just have to ask you mothers out there, would you send your kid off to school looking like a hooker?  It was the 80's, maybe it was more punk than it looks now.  
Hmmm...Pat Benatar or 80's Hooker - you be the judge.

I don't remember if i dressed up in junior high, I certainly didn't in high school.  But then came college and real Halloween parties.  None of my college pics are digital so this was all I could find.  Danielle and I were blue M&M's. This was when they first came out and we went around quoting all the commercials all night and since we had Absolute, Jim Beam and shot glasses in our little ghost baskets we thought we were the most hilarious M&M's ever.  I wonder if they had round brushes back then.  Man I could have used one.
I know I dressed up at least one more time but I'm too lazy to dig out the picture.  I was a bottle of Jim Beam.  I know.  Classy.  I wore brown pants and a white shirt which I spent all day drawing the bottle label on with sharpies.  It took me so long I had a headache from the fumes.  People offered me $20 for my shirt and I should have sold it because the minute I washed it it was garbage.  So, what was your favorite Halloween costume?

October 29, 2010

10 things I love about Fall

1. Cool weather
2. Long chunky sweaters
3. Perfect sleeping weather
4. Hot Power Yoga
5. Hot coffee, ok, I love that all year
6. My City Park Fall/Winter blog header courtesy of Headers for Hire
7. Dinner at Barolo Grille
8. Scarves
10. Michigan color change

What about you?

October 27, 2010

BL3 Week 8

ONLY 4 WEEKS LEFT!!! Well, we lost a few this week - lots of injuries! Boo to that!  I hope you all get better soon and eat healthy in the meantime. Nutrition is 90% of the equation anyway so all is not lost.  My goal for the next 4 weeks is to lose 10lbs. What are your goals??? Are you on track to meet the goals you set out for yourself? What can you do to get back on track?  

You could pretend Jillian is working you out. The poor guy on the left runs her website. He almost died after 20 minutes, walked off the stage and someone had to help him sit down. She shamed him back up there and I'm surprised he didn't yak. That gave me a lot of satisfaction :) I'll post about my cruise soon I've just been busier than ever lately.  

Drum roll please! Remember this is a running total, not a weekly result. (positive #'s are good, negative #'s not so much)

Keri 3.89%
Danielle -3.28%
Karin -0.12%
Claire  2.36%
Lori -1.64%
Michelle S-B ???%
Michelle M-K 0.00%
Sharon 3.07%
Bernice 3.13%
Carolina 0.81%
Melinda -0.64%

I'm happy to say I'm still in the lead 8 weeks running.  I've been working hard and can't wait to tell you all about the cruise and how cool it is to come home from a vacation down a couple of pounds versus up 10lbs.  But I have to say my progress has been a little slow the last couple of weeks and that has let Bernice and Sharon catch up.  I'll have to kick it up a notch this week.  Claire is making some progress too!  Good job everyone!

My goals this week are to build on the momentum of the cruise by eating healthy and keeping my portions small.  I am trying to move more and with more intensity.  I went to a hot yoga class last night.  Tonight I was going to walk/run a 5k but then it got cold and dark and I didn't want to leave the house so I grabbed the dog and took him to the new dog park.  It was 1.5 miles round trip.  A little exercise is always better than no exercise!

October 20, 2010

BL3 Week 7

Oopsie, no Week 6 blog.  Sorry ladies.  (I led Week 6 BTW).  As for Week 7 I'm afraid this is going to brief as I've had a ton going on.   Busy in work.  Busy in life.  A family member is seriously sick.  A good friend's mother passed.   (My thoughts are with them all).  And on a much lighter note, I have gi-nor-mous blisters from a half marathon I did on Sunday.  More to come on that later.  Let's get down to the results.

Drum roll please! Remember this is a running total, not a weekly result. (positive #'s are good, negative #'s not so much)

Keri 3.38%
Danielle -4.53%
Karin -0.71%
Claire  1.68%
Lori -1.64%
Marcy 0.00%
Michelle S-B 0.43%
Tracy 1.56%
Chelsea 0.41%
Michelle M-K 0.00%
Sharon 2.45%
Bernice 3.05%
Carolina 0.0%
Melinda -1.27%

Bernice is slowly moving up towards the top and Sharon is right behind her!  Will we have a new leader next week????

Only about half of you reported results and I hope we have better turnout next week.  I know a lot of you are struggling this time around.  Some of you are still down quite a bit of weight since we first started these contests and you have much to be proud of even if you aren't losing this time.  Weight loss = success but also, maintenance = success.  Some people don't like to report in if they are not meeting their goals.  I totally get it. When I'm off the wagon I don't write in my journal, like if I didn't write it down then I didn't eat that pizza or miss that workout.  I only kid myself.

I've lost track of my cruise goals these last two weeks and it has shown up in my weight.  I was doing really well even with all the travel but I think with enough bad choices it has caught up with me.  I haven't really gained but I definitely haven't lost anything in a couple of weeks.  No progress = bad.  I have high hopes for all of us next week, myself included!

October 10, 2010

Travel is sooooo Glamorous!

I've been traveling a lot lately - Michigan, New York, Florida in the last month.  Last week I was in a different state every day - Texas, Arizona, California.  Every day from Monday to Thursday I was in an airport, getting rental cars, checking into hotels, eating room service.  Whenever I tell people I travel a lot for work they always get a "how exciting!" look on their face.  FYI - travel is rarely glamorous.  Typically I go from the airport to one of our plants to the hotel and don't see much of anything else.  This week I got blisters on my hand from dragging my suit case.  On the upside, I managed to eat bacon every day.  Yummmmm, bacon.  Here are some highlights from the latest trip:

An okay Sheraton in Houston
Can you believe this rental car?  I didn't even know these were still made, I'm pretty sure they found this baby hidden on a Ford lot somewhere.  Cars slowed down on the freeway whenever I approached.  It shook when I went above 65mph.
Downtown Houston.  This was as close as I got.  This was my first trip to Houston, I should have stayed the night to check it out.  But I hate to fly in the early morning so I left.
I think this beautiful skyline was on my way from Houston to Phoenix.  I got done at the plant early and spent a lot of time in the airport.  When we got on the runway they turned our plane around and sent us back to the terminal for an hour due to weather.  I could have spent $25 to get on an earlier flight but was too cheap.  Lesson learned.  I did get to watch Direct TV the whole flight - awesome.
Finally, a rental car I can appreciate.
Not a great picture because the visibility was bad.  But I was looking at downtown San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.  I didn't do anything fun this trip but I have taken a little extra time on past trips to have dinner downtown.  Cool place if you can avoid the tourist traps.
I guess I quit taking pictures after this.  Nothing exciting happened.  Got another car.  Stayed at another Marriott.  Had the best sandwich of all time at a deli by the plant.  A guy I work with sent me a message that he heard there were bed bugs at the hotel I was staying at.  He was trying to give me the creepy crawlies but it backfired, I slept like a baby and he felt bugs crawling on him all night.  Justice. 

I leave for Virginia in the morning.  I have come to the realization that I need a wife so I don't spend my weekends doing all the usual crap stuff I have to do.

October 5, 2010

BL3 Week 5

Good news - it looks like we're going 12 weeks!  That would take us to November 23rd, just before Thanksgiving. Most of you said yes, or at least, didn't say no, so...Game On for an extra 5 weeks! 

Drum roll please! Remember this is a running total, not a weekly result. (positive #'s are good, negative #'s not so much)

Keri 4.31%
Danielle -3.59%
Karin 1.19%
Claire 2.02%
Lori -1.64%
Marcy 0.33%
Michelle S-B 0.43%
Tracy 1.56%
Chelsea 0.41%
Michelle M-K 0.00%
Sharon 1.84%
Bernice 2.82%
Carolina 0.0%
Melinda -1.27%

Personally I had another great week! I got in a lot of walks, finally.  I still have to get in another big one this weekend so the 1/2 marathon doesn't cripple me.  The Top 3 for week 5: Me in first (yeah me!) followed by Bernice.  Claire moved up one spot to third.  Good job everyone!

Here's the latest update on my list of goals for the 4 weeks before the cruise:

1. no alcohol until the cruise - ummm, again 2 glasses.  White this time.  It appears I can avoid wine, unless Bernie brings it to me.  At least he got a headache :)
2. no ordering takeout (pizza, chinese) - success!
3. weights at least 2 days every week - success!
4. yoga at least 1-2 days every week - nope, not this week, too much #5
5. cardio at least 2 days every week, one for at least 20 minutes and one long walk each week to get ready for the half marathon (6miles, 8+ miles, 10+ miles, 1/2 marathon on 10/17) - success! 3 mile, 7.14 mile, and 4.25 mile walks!
6. don't eat if I'm not hungry, stop eating when I'm full - success!
7. green juice, fruit smoothies, and salads for breakfast/lunch at least 4 days per week - success! (4 days)
8. I commit to putting all of my workouts on my calendar, so I don't forget to do them - success!
9. I will schedule a workout buddy, ensuring that I go even when I don't want to (Claire, Chelsea, and Carolina - this means you!) - success!

Week 2 Summary: 7.0/9 - funny thing is I feel like I did even better than last week!
Week 1 Summary: 7.5/9

October 3, 2010


I'm in a blog drought.  How do people write something interesting every week, or every day???  I feel like we've been really busy lately and nothing interesting has been happening.  I hate having my weekends scheduled, one thing a weekend is way too much.  I've been traveling more than usual which makes things even worse because weekends are spent catching up on the every day tasks - grocery shopping, working out, laundry, house cleaning.  Friends are being neglected.  On top of that I signed up for a half marathon months ago and haven't run or walked a lick so I developed a 4 week finish or die program which has me spending my free time walking.

This weekend I had a killer workout on Friday that left me pretty sore.  But due to missing my long walk last weekend in the Finish or Die schedule I had to walk 7+ miles on Saturday.  Which should have been 8+ miles so that means next weekend is going to hurt a bit too.  Being sore from Friday and then going from 3 miles to 7.14 miles hurt a bit.  I do my best with out and back walks/runs because you have no choice but to walk home.  Claire and I walked from my house to the Pepsi Center to pick up my race stuff.  She likes to walk with a purpose so we got to kill two birds with one stone.  Sunday was the Race for the Cure and with all the walking to/fro and the 5k itself I put in another 4.5 miles.  Followed by laundry, gardening, etc. 

Race for the Cure was great.  Not only is it for my favorite cause (ending cancer) but I got to spend a couple of hours with my good friend Jodie who is the busiest person I know.  I was also proud to support the lady of the hour, and beautiful young cancer survivor, Carla.  As much as I hate getting up when it is dark out, it was a great way to spend my morning.  Thanks ladies!

Monday I leave for Houston, Phoenix on Wednesday, San Francisco on Thursday and then back home.  Isn't travel glamorous?

Claire, Jodie, Brian, Carla, Laura - aren't the tutu's great?


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