September 12, 2010

Sunday happy Sunday!

Had a lazy Sunday morning in bed with Bernie and Cooper.

Awesome green juice for breakfast.

Cooper had a pupcake from his friend Gino.

Panini for lunch, eaten in bed with Bernie and Cooper.

Found out an important Jewish woman in Denver's history lived in our house for 25 years from 1917 to 1942.  More to come on that one.  I've wanted to research the history of our home, and this was exciting enough to provide some motivation.

Mani/Pedi - finally!  Wicked on the toes.  Some Greige color on the nails.  Grey Beige, supposed to be very in.  The jury is still out on that one.

BLT's for dinner on rosemary sourdough and toasted in the panini pan.  Yum.

Back to bed.  In fairness, our basement DVR is on the fritz.  And I needed a down day.  

Hope you had a great Sunday!

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