September 13, 2010

Grow Dammit Grow, part 9

I was working in the garden this weekend when I heard someone ride their bike by our fence and comment in shock to his friend about our tomatoes.  They grew 7 feet tall.  I cut them down.  They grew back to 7 feet tall and then I staked some to the top of the fence.  I cut them back more last weekend and again this weekend.  Then this happened.  They grew up and over the fence.  
We finally have an eggplant and another one is just starting to grow!  This took so long to grow I almost pulled it up.  Patience, patience.
Leeks - they got too much shade from the tomatoes
a young Buttercup Squash
Yellow Pear Tomatoes - my fav!
 King of the North Peppers
 Tomatoes, Cukes, Squash

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