September 14, 2010

BL3 Week 2

Only 5 weeks left, I don't know that I like this short format.  Typically I break up all of my goals, and therefore these contests, into 12 week periods.  I originally set the schedule to end before our cruise, but maybe we should go a few more weeks?  Thoughts?  I worry that people won't really get in the groove and will be discouraged by slow progress.  You know us Americans, we like everything NOW!  And as much as I love NBC's Biggest Loser, seeing really overweight people lose 5-25lbs in one week is not a realistic goal for any of us.

So, here it is, drum roll please!  Remember this is a running total, not a weekly result.  

Keri  3.31%
Danielle  -3.44%
Karin  0.47%
Claire  1.01%
Lori  ? 
Marcy  0.67%  
Michelle S-B  1.30%
Tracy  1.56%
Chelsea  0.08%
Michelle M-K  -1.18%
Sharon  1.23%
Bernice  1.83%
Carolina  0.0%
Mindy  ?

I don't recall if I was ever in the lead even once during the last two contests so I'm proud to report that I'm still leading after the second week!  Eating less, juicing, working out, and sadly (sniff sniff) saying goodbye to wine for awhile has been my strategy.  Living and eating in moderation has been one of my goals for this year and I hope I'm one step closer.  

Let me introduce you to some of your competitors: Lori won BL1, Michelle M-K won BL2, Claire, Marcy, and Karin have also been stiff competition.  Michelle S-B and Bernice are new to BL.  Again we have 7 Michigan Tech graduates (all engineers, yikes), at least 10 mothers, 13 wives, you know, regular hard working women.

I looked at past contest results and wanted to give a couple of high fives.  Since BL2's last weigh in on June 30th and BL3's first weigh in on August 31 Danielle maintained her weight!  Lori lost another 6lbs!  Sharon and Carolina each lost 1lb.  Maintaining your weight or continuing to lose is a great accomplishment that shouldn't go unnoticed.  Excellent job ladies!

I wasn't sure when the next NBC Biggest Loser was starting since the tv ads just said Tuesday and I was too lazy to check the internet but Karin sent me the info, thanks for sharing!  Setting my DVR now.

The Biggest Loser Is Almost Here!
Don't forget to tune in to NBC Tuesday, Sept. 21, at 8 p.m. ET to watch the premiere of Biggest Loser season 10 — it's all about second chances and inspiring stories!

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