September 7, 2010

Biggest Loser 3 - Week 1

Well, we're off to a slow start this time around.  This is a short one, so only 6 weeks left.  Some people started a week late and just weighed in today.  Some people didn't send me any updates from last week.  So I don't have much to report.  Except that I won.  Me.  By a landslide.  Well,  in my mind anyway, 2.28%.  Suck it suckers!  :)  Better bring your A-games next week.  And as a word of wise to myself, every time I talk smack I end up second to last, so this will be my only time spouting off.

We had a few more join and I hope to have more to report next week.  Me, Danielle, Karin, Claire, Amy S-C (you still in?), Marcy, Michelle S-B, Tracy, Chelsea, Michelle M-K, Sharon, Bernice, Carolina, Mindy (?), Lori.  So that's a pretty big group, about 15 or so.  Good luck ladies, hope to hear from you next week.

p.s. I got in 3, count 'em, 3 workouts yesterday.  Power yoga, weights, walking.  And I'm super duper sore today.  After traveling to NY and sitting most of the day I can hardly walk.

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