August 16, 2010

You like me, you really like me!

I just had to share the most awesome email I received today that made me feel like a Superstar! (I'm picturing Molly Shannon saying this). I've mentioned before I felt like the idea of me writing a blog was kind of a conceited thing to do but I didn't feel that way about other people's blogs.  I mean seriously, I read wayyyyy too many blogs and can't wait for the latest updates!  So when people connect to what I have to say I'm flattered.  And surprised.  I got a ton of positive feedback on the detox blogs (who knew you guys were interested in torture, I mean, ahem, health) and then to get this email I was blown away and I just wanted to say thanks for everyone, all 5 of you, for checking in week after week!

So here it is, my friend is a private person and I've been trying to think up a super secret blog nickname for her but I can't come up with one that wouldn't give her away in an instant.  So I guess I'll just call her my SuperSecretFriend, and here is how much she loves me:

No blogging lately??????????? :(    You get blogging and get us all excited to see what your doing the next day or few days that we are looking forward to what is going on and check it everyday and then nothing, yep we keep checking and nothing there.  It's like getting the newspaper and looking forward to reading your favorite article and when you get the paper it's not in today's paper.  What the heck?  What about your pickles, pesto, mini marathon?  Cheese?  Your garden experience?  Some of these are articles you started your readers curiosity and we are still waiting for the end.  

So here's what some of us are waiting for:
Pictures of your garden all grown- you said in the post of my garden that yours was to follow???
Bernie being gone,you sleeping with a screw driver and locking yourself in the bedroom- what happened, how was it???????
Mini Marathon (forgot what this was actually called) - when is it, are you still looking forward to it??????
What have you made with produce from your garden- would you make it again???????????
Have you found and new wines or wine/food combos that your enjoying??????
Ok I'm sure you get the idea- your readers are waiting :)   Before you get sassy with me remember you started the blog to share and to have people to tell so you would stay on track, so I hope I am helping you and if not oops.   I just really enjoy reading it and find it very interesting.

Thanks for all the awesome blog ideas, I'll get crackalackin on these right away! 

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