August 20, 2010

SuperSecret's Fridge Pickles

I never would have guessed the dill pickles I loved growing up came from a packet.  Just buy yourself a Mrs. Wages packet at your local Wal-mart (gasp!) and for $3.20 you can have all the Kosher dills your little heart desires.  My memory tells me I spent half that much, but I could be wrong.  Either way, cheap-o.  My SuperSecretFriend (SSF) gave me her dill pickle recipe and Bernie and I made 3 pints of kosher dills last week.  I filled one jar with my own pickling cucumbers picked early so they were nice and small, the rest came from the farmer's market.  Follow the instructions on the Mrs. Wages packet until you get to the "prepare" stage.  If you're worried about not water bath canning these, SSF has been using this recipe for ages and no one has died.  That I know of.  Here's how it went down...

fresh from the garden
put 1 dill flower (add first) and 2 garlic cloves in each jar
pack in your cukes
pour the brine in the jars leaving some head space
Put the lids on tight and leave the jars on the counter for 24 hours.  Put them in the fridge and Voila, pickles!  (SSF says/writes Wholla! which cracks my shit up)

Love these pickles, love them more that we made them.  Stay tuned, I have 3 "French" pickle plants growing and hope to can some cornichons before the season is over.

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