August 2, 2010

Claire's Detox Wrap-up

One last detox blog post from my partner in crime Claire. 

Bad news: I dropped out of the cleanse early.
Good news: at the time I dropped out my weight was 140! (5.5lbs lost!)

So I got through Friday okay, woke up Saturday a mess- I was hungry, sore, and nauseated; there was no way that my workout with Heather and Keri was going to be any more than me laying in the grass making faces at Kaden, which was fine,  I’m not sure what it was, maybe too much too soon? In any case, I called it quits. I ate tons of carbs trying to get my tummy to quiet down, but nothing seemed to work.

Today I’m feeling better. I had lunch w/ Ker and munched on some unsalted, non-chocolate trail mix throughout the day. I brought some juice but didn’t get to it. My plan moving forward is to juice at least once per day, eat vegetarian and unprocessed for my Monday through Friday breakfasts, lunches and snacks, and for dinner to enjoy the same ol’ healthy and delish meals my darling husband makes. On weekends I won’t go hog wild, but I will enjoy a glass or two of wine (who’m I kidding- I’m a Coors Light girl! Are those mountains blue yet?) and a decent meal, but will keep in mind portion control. That’s one thing this whole diet taught me- I can be satisfied on less, way less. And I’m probably eating a lot of crap because going back to eating “real” food was really painful. Besides the weight loss, I just look leaner, my hair is shinier, and my skin is more radiant and clear. Plus, I felt great- maybe it was the nutrients or just the placebo effect of the fact that I was proud of what I was doing, but in any case, it was totally worth it.

All in all, I’m going to consider this a success. I may not have lasted the whole time, but I did learn a lot about what my body needs versus what my head tells me, how much food I really need to function, and what types of foods I need, and what types I don’t.

If anyone else wants to try this, let me know. I’d be willing to do a few hardcore days again, even if my darling husband asked me not to because it turned me into a lovely biotch :)

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