August 17, 2010

Grow Dammit Grow, part 8, August Update

Remember when our garden looked like this?
Or even this?
So clean, so organized, so...engineered.
Now it is a mutant ninja garden
 That three foot tall green thing towards the back right is my giant basil plant, one of them anyway.
When I got my new Mac I lost a month's worth of pictures.  I wish you could have seen all the tomato plants that were seven feet tall before I hacked them down pruned them.  All 8 tomato plants were over the fence.  And Carolina was right, I put them wayyyy to close together and now we have to fight our way in between the plants to pick the fruit.  And when I said to myself, I'm totally planting squash, how bad could it be?  Yeah, that is only two winter squash plants taking over our yard.

So, what does your garden grow you ask?

The tomatoes are starting to come in - red and yellow pears, roma's, New Yorkers, some Black Krim's, and one yellow brandywine.  The pear tomatoes are by far my favorite so far.  The red bell peppers and the red brandywine's are turning colors as I type. We've eaten the beets and half of the carrots.  We've picked lots of cucumbers and a little broccoli.  There is a never ending supply of basil.  Most of the leeks are growing big.  We have a shit ton of butternut squash growing and a good number of buttercup squash too.  The parsnip greens are huge but only time will tell on those next spring.  And if that wasn't enough, the eggplant is finally growing and has blossoms!

As for the latest in city garden planning, check out Phase II on the opposite side of the yard.  I just planted lettuce, spinach, kale, and beets last night.  A little late but oh well.  Next month the garlic will go in.
Ah, so organized, so peaceful...


  1. Nice Keri. My garden looks about the same. Patty pan squash plants and basil going crazy, tomatoes STILL not ready. Definitely not like my mom's garden back in MI, but I still have fun with it.



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