August 2, 2010

Detox Finale - last post I swear

Detox Finale!

Thought I would do one final detox post. Went to bed hungry last night and woke up starving. I didn’t have the time nor the inclination to juice this morning even though I could picture all the fruits and veggies in the fridge that might go to waste while I go to Virginia for a few days.

7:30am Breakfast – this was my typical breakfast that I had every day pre-detox: 2 eggs, 2 pieces of Ezekiel sprouted grain toast, butter spray. Today it is in my stomach like a ton of bricks. I feel gross and dehydrated. I think I’ve grown accustom to starting my day with vegetable juice and then transitioning to fruit for breakfast.  On the way to work I used to get a venti coffee with milk and stevia every single day.  I still haven't had coffee and even though it is like a warm little blanket that I love, I really haven't wanted to put that monkey back on my back.  Look for the dip in the Starbuck's stock.

I didn’t sleep last night – no reason really just kept clock watching every two hours until my alarm went off. I am so lethargic today. Breakfast is not helping my situation either.

12:15pm Lunch – another one of my pre-detox fav’s: eggplant panini with goat cheese and roasted peppers with a salad. It was fine but nothing special. I put this lunch on our calendars as our post-detox celebration and had been looking forward to it all week. I just kept thinking to myself, stay on track and you will have a panini on Monday.  It did not live up.  Tasted blah.  So far I've had three pre-detox foods and haven't enjoyed any of them.  Can your tastes change in just a week?

2:15pm cake. I admit it. Someone had birthday cake and I ate a piece.

After work I was hungry but I kept busy watering the garden, picking some tomatoes and cucumbers, cleaning the house and packing before my trip. Just in time to make dinner and I made my juice for tomorrow morning before rushing off to take Cooper to the kennel before it closed. He was so sad, seriously, I almost cried.  I didn't get to eat until after I got home.

8:15pm Dinner Mark Bittman’s Fried Rice with asparagus, peas, orange and yellow peppers, garlic, etc.  This is one of my all time favorite vegetarian meals although I think some fried pork would be a nice touch.

I think I’m going to try and stay on the “detox” plan as often as possible. This will be difficult when traveling to a town that only has an Applebees but otherwise I think I generally feel better when eating this way….fresh/raw fruits and veggies and nut butters during the day, cooked dinner at night.  The only way I can describe it is it feels like eating vitamins and medicine with every meal.  Health in a glass.  And if my weight keeps ticking down a little more each day then all the better.

Thanks to my two partners in crime, Claire and Chelsea, for doing this with me.  Having a workout "appointment" at the end of each day was the best thing we did for ourselves in my opinion.  How many workouts would we each have skipped if not for not wanting to let down the other person.  I admit I made a few threats but all in good fun.  I'll take motivation in whatever form works.  Good job ladies!


  1. wow - kudos to you for detoxing. i am so undisciplined (esp. when it comes to food) I can't imagine. that bittman recipe sounds so yummy. i have his how to cook everything - same guy, right? anyhoo - good for you!

  2. The Bittman Rice is my fav! Same guy but the recipe comes from his Food Matters book. Still doing WW?

  3. Why do you say "last post"?

    I am also following Detox Matters. Hope I will get the good result.



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